We’ve all looked back at the dicelog and thought that is a lot of ones. Nuffle must really hate me. But none of us has ever truly suffered nuffles wrath. Today we answer the question: just how many consecutive ones can you roll in one turn?

First we need to lay some ground rules:

1) No blocking dice can interrupt the sequence. A skull isn’t technically a one, and a bunch of pows into snake-eye/piling on armour rolls is a very boring answer.

2) No other dice can be rolled apart from a D6. If we allow for other dice (for example a D8 scatter dice) then two players could fumble the ball between each other for eternity.

Editor's Note: DeezMFK found several improvements on the below solution. Well done Deez! I will rewrite the updated solution shortly.

Which team do we use?

Vampires, and it’s not even close. A team of mostly jump up/pro (combined with bonehead/pro in the case of Ogres) players is the best most races can muster, with Halflings in second thanks to the two additional ones they can muster from take root. However Vampires alone have the unique skills allowing them to generate  more ones per player than any other team.

Which team are we facing?

Wood elves, although any other team with armour of seven or less and a player with the catch skill will do.


Alright, let's start the turn.

Player 1

Our star pomb thrall Hammerhand Joe takes a swing at the enemy Wardancer and lands a double pow! The armour dice? 6+1, the first of many. With mighty blow triggering, that is just enough to break armour. Injury: 1+1. Well that isn’t good enough, so let’s pile on: 1+1.

Player one tally: 5.

Total one count: 5.


Player 2

With a wardancer on the deck he is going to fouled, so we run the leader of the team, the vampire Captain Charles over to assist. Bloodlust: 1. Pro: 1.

That’s ok, Hammerhand Joe is lying on the ground right next to the dancer, and the opposing catcher is just one square away, so we might as well gaze him. Hypnogaze: 1. In fury at all these ones, we pull the reroll trigger. Reroll: 1. Bloodlust injury dice: 1+1.

Player one tally: 6.

Total one count: 11.


Players 3-7

We run more potential assists over for the foul, and five more vampires fail their bloodlust (1), pro roll (1), and attempt to hypnogaze (1) the neighbouring catchers. Finally, they take a bite out of Joe for an injury roll of 1+1.  There is just enough space around Joe to fit them all, only one square is left vacant.

Players one tally: 5 x 5.

Total one count: 36.


Players 8-9

Our two jump up-pro thralls attempt to punch the neighbouring woodelves! Jump up: 1. Pro: 1.

Player one tally: 2 x 2.

Total one count: 40.


Player 10

Unfortunately, all our assists have been negated, but we’re determined to foul that Dancer. Sneaky steve runs in to foul: 1+1. This isn’t enough to break armour. Luckily he has the perennially underrated skill sneaky git, and he isn’t sent off. Our turn isn’t over yet, there is one player left to move...

Player one count: 2.

Total one count: 42

Editor's note: Sneaky Steve could have just as easily been another jump up-pro thrall, but I wanted to show that sneaky git is a useful skill for something and I also decided to complete this challenge in the most TV efficient way possible.


Player 11

Cannonarm Chris is standing back, holding the ball, and watching his teammates ineptitude in sheer disgust. Fed up, he quits the team and as his last action, attempts to chuck the ball at the opposing catcher. Interception: 1. Catch skill reroll: 1. Unfortunately, Chris is afflicted with the same curse as his teammates and fumbles the pass. Pass: 1. Pass skill reroll: 1. The ball scatters to one side and a D8 is rolled, finally ending our sequence of ones.

Player one count: 4

Final one count: 46


46 ones. 46 is the maximum number of consecutive ones that can be rolled. If you ever roll this many consecutive ones then congratulations, for you are truly Nuffle’s chosen one as the odds of this happening are 1 in 623 decillion. That’s 1 over 6.23 x 10^35.


Can you think of a way to roll more ones? Please let me know so I can issue a correction (and give you credit).


- Serj

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