Did you know that having more big guys on your team is a pretty big advantage in the Huge Jackedman? Metal knows, which is why Undead only get one Mummy! But have you even wondered what you could do with more Big Guys on a team that isn't penalized for having them, and what it would cost you to get them?

I have and hopefully I'll not be the only one come the time the next HJMC comes around, because I'm going to share with you all of my dirty secrets in the lost art of


Big Guy Inducement Teams

Yes, with a few simple steps, you too can induce big guys regularly! To be clear, most teams who can induce a Big Guy other than Morg, Ramtut or the Count can pull this off with 0 Rerolls and a roster full of linemen. You want Big Rat? Go for it, but be prepared to have a bad time as your 10 linerats trip overthemselves in their rush to get themselves injured.

For the sake of this article, i will be looking at teams that can pull off the inducement game with 2 rerolls and at least 1 positional at TV 1000. Ideally they'll be able to do it without Nuffles Altar as well, but it's not a hard requirement. I'm not a miracle worker here! These players are expensive!

I'm also skipping Stunty teams because, come on, they already have 2 or more Big Guys! This is about spreading the love, not hording it.


Chaos Dwarves

We will start with one of the less likely inclusions on the list. Did you know that Chaos Dwarves have TWO different Star Player big guys on their inducement roster within 20K of each other? Did you also know that Hobgoblins are so cheap that they are basically free?

Combine these attributes together and you can run a 2RR Chaos Dwarf team with Minotaur and 10 Hobgoblins at 690TV, which leaves you with exactly enough inducement money to purchase the services of Grashnak Blackhoof. But we can do one better. By shaving the cost with Nuffle's Altar, we can afford to replace one of the Hobgoblins with a Chaos Dwarf for some much needed guard and claw support, and still have exactly enough left over to hire Hthark the Unstoppable, an aptly named STR 5 Bull Centaur who is, well, Unstoppable.

Frankly, the biggest downside of the team is that you need to take the Chorf Mino at all. It isn't winning any awards by needing doubles for mutations, but with a little luck it only takes 1 level up to turn it into a Big Guy killing machine.



A little less surprising to be on this list is the team that Huge himself played for. Humans have a certain Ogre-like player on their inducement roster who is both inexpensive and reliable. We are talking about The Mighty Zug!

For a human team, 2RRs, 10Linemen and an Ogre costs 740K, which is exactly enough to pay Zug's 260K inducement fee without Altar. Throw in the Altar and we can replace a Lineman with a Blitzer, buy another lineman outright, or replace them with any 2-player combination of Catcher and Thrower. We can even take it a step further. Throwers have P access on normals, meaning they can take Leader. A thrower with leader lets us burn a reroll and save a net 10K, which happens to be exactly enough to buy a 3rd Catcher or Thrower, or to combine your Thrower with a Blitzer. Just imagine the posibilities!



If you were surprised by Chaos Dwarves, the you'll be shocked by this teams inclusion. Yes! As it turns out, Rotters are pretty inexpensive! What's more, Nurgle has a pretty impressive inducement roster itself for hiring Star Big Guys.

The 2+10+1 build for Nurgle comes out to 680TV, which is more than enough to hire any of Brick Farth (with Grotty), at 290K Lord Borak at 300K or Grashnak Blackhoof for 310K. Replacing a Rotter with a Pestigore happens to cost 40K, the same price as a Rotter, so with Nuffle's Alter you can afford 2 Pestigors or 2 additional Rotters and still have enough leftover to hire Brick. What's more, I've heard that Rotters are fragile. But they also replace themsevles for free! Trust me when I say that your bank acount is an important resource for a team like this, and being able to replace your linefodder for free is a huge boon to the roster.



Finally we have Orcs, the original Mororial Cup inducement team (I did it back in HJMC2). There is only 1 Star we're worried about for this team, and at 270K it is none other than Ripper himself!

Thanks to 50K Linemen, the cheap price of the Troll and average-priced rerolls, the basic Orc team comes out to 730K, which is exactly enough to Induce Ripper out the gate. However, the Orc team also has a unique advantage in this race, and that advantage is Goblins! With 4 rostered goblins, you can reduce the TV by a further 40K. Add in the Altar and Orcs have a massive 90K in Positional Money! Replace a Lineorc with a Thrower and a reroll with leader, and that increases to a further 110K! That's enough to buy a whole new Troll if you don't like your first one!

So what are we going to do with all that money? Pretty much whatever we want. Both Bltizers and Black Orcs are 30K on a Lineorc, while a Thrower is 20K. Without Leader, we can afford any combination of 3 Blitzers or BOBs. With Leader, you get those three, plus a Thrower, plus enough leftover for another thrower. Or important leeway for managing TV as your team develops.


So there you have it! Four teams who can each play with Inducements to drop a real surprise on the HJMC. Or not so much of a surprise, considering I've just told you all about them!

Hopefully we all get a treat and see your own variations on the pitch! Or heck, Try to induce Brick on a Chaos team. You do you!


- Kaosubaloo

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