How to use News.Rebbl.Net! An instructive Guide.

Your chief editor is here to teach you how to use the new REBBL News Website. Anyone can write and article, but the team of editors and admins will validate that articles are appropriate for publishing.

TLDR: Sign up for an account on the top right. When logged in, select New Post from the top right. Create a post and publish it. Everything below is guidelines and explainations of each step. Super easy.

A few quick rules for publishing:

  1. Please be respectful to others. Well intentioned joking with other coaches is encouraged, but make sure that any coaches specifically call out in your article is comfortable with what you have to say. This is not a place to bully other coaches, but to share humor, stories, and general Blood Bowl discussion.

  2. Create unique content. We are looking for writers who want to amuse and entertain other coaches. Some of my personal favorites include G-Manual’s Gorgon Ramsey for its humor and variety, Nocturnal’s Picks of the Week as they bring a highlight of different divisions among REL, and the many guest articles and Blood Bowl Poetry that I had the pleasure of publishing within the REL Round-Up last season. Create content articles about teams, players, or skills. Create interviews with new or existing coaches and teams. Look at the data behind the game and educate. A wide variety of items is helpful to the community, so a wide variety of writers is also great.

  3. Please do not use malicious code or inappropriate images within the post. At present we are being lenient on HTML, but if this is abused, we will need to make changes to the process.

  4. Write under your own coach name. Please do not sign up as another coach, whether with malicious intent or a good reason, we want to celebrate our writers and bring them further visibility within REBBL.

  5. Lastly, we reserve the right to remove any content that we feel either breaks some of the rules above, or do not fit in the spirit of what we want to communicate within REBBL. If your post is not seen as appropriate, we will reach out to you as the writer to discuss the article.

The actual how-tos.

I know, I’ve talked about rules, but they are a baseline. Creating content is the easy part. Follow these simple steps to create your own content!

  1. Create an account with, or login in if you already have an account. These can be found on the top right side of the website. Your account will be tied to your coach name, and it will be tied to the articles you write, please use your Blood Bowl coach name (we may tie this into team data later). If you forget your password, you can reset your password through the email reset process.

  2. Begin by writing an article in Microsoft Word or in Google Docs, as these programs will help with spelling and grammar.

  3. Once you’ve written your article, adding it to REBBL News is simple. After logging in, select “New Post” on the menu, and start filling out the form.

  4. The "Title" of the article will be displayed on the article itself, but also on the home page and on the various league pages. This is the first impression of the article, make it catchy, and keep it relatively short.

  5. Choose an audience, which league is this article appropriate for? Is it written with a focus on teams or a recap of a specific league? Select the related "League". Is the article more of a general piece, or a humorous take on something Blood Bowl Related? Select All. Articles in All will be displayed on pages for all regions, and will create the most exposure, but please make sure to use your discretion on your selection.

  6. The “Short Description” will be used throughout the website to give a teaser or description of what content will be within the article. Please keep this section reasonably short, and some restrictions may be placed in the future based on formatting requirements.

  7. The “Content” section is the bread and butter of the post. Remember that document that you wrote your article in? Copy and paste that content into this box. (Depending on your browser, you may need to remove the bold tags on the article, ctrl-b works for us Windows folks. Macs, figure it out). Remove any additional spacing as needed, make call outs for headers by setting them as Heading 2 or Heading 3.

  8. You can also add images to your post, very similar to how you might in Word or Docs, but at present you must host those images on another platform, such as IMGUR, and link to it using the Image insert in the “Content” area.

  9. At this point, click post. You will be directed to your new post and you can preview it.

  10. If you need to make any changes, select “Update” to the top of the article, near the title.

  11. To review your written posts, log in and click on “My Posts” in the top right to see the publish status of your articles.

  12. Lastly, if you are an approved writer or editor, you can click on Publish, and your article will be available on the website. Otherwise, you may ping Gypsy Prince on Discord and I will review it when I am available.

That wraps up the introduction on how to use REBBL News. If you have further questions, reach out to me on Discord, and I am more than happy to assist.

Want an example of a text document that was copy and pasted into a post to help with formatting? Here is the Google Doc that I used for this post.

Welcome to the team!

- Gypsy Prince

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