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"Wait you are not Harringzord" - Everyone, 2019.

I know, but sadly (or Happily ?) Zord is way to busy with the crazy creation that is imperium. And Metal has complained at least 3 times too many on the podcast that someone needs to take over the one day tourneys. So now you are stuck with me.

Ivorr Biggun, agent to the Big Guys, actually doesnt talk to me cause he thinks I used drugs to get my AGI3 mummy, but I thought I should still mention him cause he was in every other HJMC post.

Huge Jackedman was a magnificent Ogre who plied his trade on the fields of the REL for the Handsome Jacks. Eventually though, his time was up at the hands of one of AnimalFarm's Chaos Warriors and a REBBL legend was killed. Thankfully though, we have a completely bonkers tournament designed to honour the great Ogre's legacy!

The tournament is open to both REBBL and REBBRL coaches. Coaches not currently playing in either league can apply to either Gerbear or FullMetalCOS on the REBBL Discord if they wish to join in (there’ll be a vetting process – trust us, it’s important!)

Here are the rules. Please ensure you have read these thoroughly before signing up, to relieve as much stress as possible on the tournament organisers in the days leading up to the event. There will be plenty of stress on the tournament organisers during the event.

If you have any questions, pop them in the comments below and we’ll answer them. As ever, the rules are also prone to tweaking if someone smarter than me spots an obvious, unintended imbalance.


This is a one-day tournament, so all coaches entering must be able to commit to being able to play multiple matches in one sitting (with scheduled breaks, of course)

Teams will begin by facing off in groups of four, meaning that you’re guaranteed three matches in that phase. THEN, and this is important, the best eight/sixteen teams based on Big Guy scoring criteria will qualify for the Huge Groups (this is regardless of groups - all four teams from one group could theoretically qualify) while the teams in the lower reaches of the scoring that wish to continue will qualify for the Stunty Groups.

New groups are seeded and we play A SECOND round robin (in groups of 4, like the first round) with the two best scoring teams overall then going on to a standard 1v1 overtime format match to determine the true champion. The same will occur in the Stunty Groups leading to two winners - the winners cup champ and the losers cup champ - fittingly you DO win a REBBL mug for taking these titles. You’re all winners, really, some just more than others.

This means you will be playing more matches than the group stage – guaranteed – unless you are forced or choose to drop out after the first group stage. We are aware that circumstances often cause mid-tournament dropouts and are keen to legislate for this as much as possible. The above numbers will vary depending on signups – with fewer signups, it might only be a certain amount of best-performing second placed teams qualifying, etc.

The only teams permitted will be teams with access to a "Big Guy", in this instance defined as a player with at least STR 5. That’s natural Strength 5, so no transferring your REBBL Blitzer freaks over to this format!

All fresh teams must take their Big Guy as part of their starting roster. The roster rules are totally the same from last time, Mostly cause I'm lazy and no one reads them. They are as follows:

  • Undead teams are only allowed one Mummy. We tried two, it was stupid broken.

  • Khemri teams are now permitted to run all four Tomb Guardians. All four players can contribute points, but at the end of the 3 matches in a round you must deduct points per additional Tomb Guardian after the first from your total score (1TG = no deduction, 2 = -1pt, 3 = -2pt's and 4 = -3pts).

  • Ogre teams are permitted to run all six Ogres if they so wish. All players can contribute points, but Ogre teams cannot claim the two bonus points for a Big Guy scoring the most SPP on the team (see below). Additionally, they suffer the same penalty to total points scored that Khemri do (up to a max of -5pts for all six Ogres)

  • Halfling teams are permitted to run two Treemen. Both players can contribute points. (note: this remains unchanged and has just been included for completionist purposes)

  • Goblin teams are permitted to run two Trolls. Both players can contribute points. Remember - The Goblin Fanatic does not count as a Big Guy, though you may still purchase one for your team. (note: this is unchanged and has just been included for completionist purposes).

  • For all Stunty teams only, induced Star Players cannot contribute any Big Guy scoring points to the team's total. All other teams that induce a Big Guy Star Player can use that player to contribute to their score.

Teams are permitted any combination of other players, coaching staff, cheerleaders and rerolls, however no apothecary may be taken (after Huge's foot was mangled by a "hack-doctor" he lost all trust in medical professionals and signed a DNR - Do Not Revive order). Note that Regen teams are not banned despite this. If you reckon you can score all your points on a Tomb Guardian, be our guest!

Players can be replaced at any time if the team has funds to do so. However, if the team’s Big Guy (even if they are a multi-big guy team) is killed he may not be replaced until the end of the current group stage - if he is injured, he may not be fired and must remain on his team (fighting on valiantly just as Huge did in his final days).

The only mercenaries/star players that may be induced are other big guys (they want to pay homage to their friend and fellow heavy-hitter). Wandering Apothecaries may not be induced, but Rerolls, Babes, Bribes, the Halfling Chef and Wizards may be induced as normal.

Turn times will be set to one minute (Huge was an Ogre of action, not contemplation).

The results of the group stages will be determined not solely by W/D/L records, but by scoring criteria associated with the success of their Big Guy(s). Again, a Big Guy is defined as a player with natural Strength 5 or above. Teams will score:

• 3 points for a match win

• 1 point for a match tie

• 0 points for a match loss

• 1 point per SPP earned by a Big Guy on the pitch (this does not include the randomly assigned MVP award)

• 5 points per opposition Big Guy killed (what’s that, six Ogres on the field, you say? BRING YOUR CHAINSAWS!)

• 2 bonus points if your Big Guy (not applicable to Ogre's as noted above, but this is applicable to Halflings, Goblins and Khemri) scores more SPP than any other non-big guy player on your team (not including MVP, and a note: that does NOT say “more than or equal to” – it needs to be specifically more than any other player), if two big guys draw for points, you are clearly doing it right and Majorbyte can suck it.

• 5 bonus points per opponent player injured as a direct result of a Big Guy throwing a team-mate at them (Badly hurt or worse). This becomes 10 bonus points if the opposition player is killed (which, of course, becomes 15 points if the player killed is a Big Guy…) - I've upped the points values for this because it's so rare that it deserves extra attention

This ruleset applies equally to BOTH group stages, though the Finals in Huge/Stunty groups are played as default Blood Bowl under overtime rules (though huge props and maybe spot prizes will be given to coaches attempting to continue the spirit of the event and win via ludicrous Big Guy plays).

For any returning team with no Big Guy, the tournament organisers will buy unskilled linemen (and then skilled linemen, if you don't have enough fresh meat) from your team up to the closest possible value that allows you to replace the missing Big Guy. "Returning team" is defined as any previous HJMC team - no bringing in teams from Spin League! Any money in your treasury will count towards this amount. Note that this does not apply to Big Guys with stat busts. They’re playing on, champ. We will also offer all teams with MNG Big Guys a free admin loss to recover their star player(s), though YOU MUST NOTIFY US AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT IS DUE TO START!!!!

Other Information

We intend to host this event on Saturday 1st of June starting around 8:00 UTC. Theoretically GMAN and Big O friendly, but we know some of you REL guys are mental.

The full event will be streamed from start to finish, with a commentary team dipping between matches to try and catch the best action on the day, then full coverage of the final match. Prizes will be awarded, of course, with prize donations also accepted.

If you wish to sign up, please do so HERE. We usually “close” signups 24-48 hours before the tournament but we will always accept last-minute reserve coaches willing to step in to replace late dropouts.

You will be expected to participate in the attendance check just like in the last Chaos cup. Approximatly 30 minutes before the start of the tournament. Which will be over in the main ReBBL discord this time.

See you on the pitch, coaches.

- Gypsy Prince

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