After a couple of months of tweaking, testing and tearing it all up to start again, I'm delighted to announce that REBBL: Imperium is playable and will launch this June.

Imperium combines the mixed team feature of Blood Bowl 2 with a collectible card game. When the season begins, your Starter Pack will grant you a rag-tag bunch of Linemen and it'll be up to your coaching and management skills to guide them to victory, attracting better players to join you.

Bolster your ranks through weekly Development Tournaments, spend your winnings on Booster Packs and crush your opponents in the prestigious Imperium Tournaments to gain big rewards. The ultimate goal? The season-ending Imperium Cup and the chance to call yourself the ultimate team manager. You might even find the odd REBBL Legend willing to aid your cause along the way...

Game Features

Imperium Bot

Our custom built Imperium Discord Bot handles all pack purchases, your gold balance and can even help with your tournament management!

Online Deck Building

Our very own TomasT has worked wonders to produce a bespoke REBBL: Imperium website, where you can view your card collection, sign up for region-based tournaments and even dust unwanted cards from your collection to get the things you need!

Special Play Cards

Sure, min-maxing can be fun, but when your opponent can break your star Thrower's neck before the tournament even begins, how do you respond? By sending his team to the Discount Armour Emporium, of course!

Deck Inducements

Mixed Teams can't induce Star Players so if you find your collection a little lacking compared to your opponents, why not induce one of our new Star Players permanently for the tournament? I hear Frenzy Kroxigors are in fashion...


Our website also uses Blood Bowl 2's API to track your performance in every match. Hitting key milestones can see you rewarded with gold or even packs!

REBBL Legends

Boost your chances by finding one of the 76 legendary REBBL players included amongst the 650+ cards in the game!


Coach well and your favourite REBBL institutions will be watching, with plenty of gold to throw your way for meeting their expectations. Bring your Big Guys to please the HJMC, injure your own players for the Cripple Cup or rip your opponents into lots of little pieces to please The Punchman's Report!

There'll be plenty more to discover too...

The beta phase is currently in it's final week and once that's over, it won't be too much turnaround before we kick things off for real! Coaches that have helped out by playing multiple tournaments in the beta phase will receive a small, one-time only reward once we're underway as a thank you for their time and efforts.

For the rest of you, we'll hope to see you on the pitch very, very soon!

- Harringzord

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Damn dude... very very impressive amount of thought has gone into this.. thank you! - WaitHoldMyBeer

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