We're past the halfway point in the REBBL season and if you're anything like me, your entire season has gone belly up already...

It might still feel like a bit of a slog towards the end of the campaign, so Imperium is here to offer you a distraction.

If you don't know what REBBL: Imperium is, it's our totally not addictive spin-off Blood Bowl mixed teams meets collectible card game... game!

And we're running a special Imperium Tournament aimed at you - the coach who hasn't given it a try yet! Even better, it'll be one of our most popular events.

Introducing... Chorfy!

Chorfy is not your average Chaos Dwarf Blocker.

He doesn't level through SPP, but instead through the spoils of victory and the blood of his victims.

Winning a match in a Chorfy's Big Adventure tournament grants you the ability to open a Skill Pack - featuring five skills or maybe even those super-useful stat-ups! You get to choose one, and Chorfy grows more powerful. It gets better, too! If your Chorfy kills or permanently injures an opponent, he gets to inherit a skill from his hapless victim. He's learning by doing. Or doing their head in, either works.

Chorfy's Big Adventure

So hows does the tournament work?

Eight of you enter, one of you wins. Although depending on how it goes, it's VERY possible to claim moral victory through superior Chorfyness. And who doesn't want that?

The tournament itself is an eight team "round robin" that's actually run using a ladder competition in Blood Bowl 2. This massively helps with scheduling, as you can face your seven opponents in any order you like. The results are tracked externally by me, as is the progress of your Chorfy.

That's right, upon entering the tournament, each coach receives a fresh Chorfy Player Card, ready to wreak havoc and cover themselves in glory. Punch, foul, even Diving Tackle your way to injuries, kills, and therefore skills!

But wait... there's more!

As this is a tournament aimed at new players, the organisers are aware your card collections might be a little... weak. That's why they have the Coach-o-Matic on standby ready to help skill up your team. Even better than that, they've managed to convince a few REBBL Legends to join the fun as well! Each entrant will get the chance to open a Legendary Pack and add the REBBL star to their roster for the tournament.

Standard round robin rules, so three points for a win, one for a draw and none for a defeat. The overall winner gets a Special Play card allowing them to build a second Chorfy whenever they want! The rest of you? Well, you get to keep your Chorfy permanently in your collection, ready to use in future tournaments.

And, of course, a sack of Imperium Gold for buying packs!

This Sounds Stupid... How Do I Get Involved?

The Chorfy's Big Adventure tournaments have been extremely popular amongst our regular Imperium players. Ask around in the Discord, they'll be highly recommended.

IMPORTANT: This tournament is only open to new Imperium players, defined as those who've taken no part in Season 2. If you played in Season 1, you may be accepted but please be aware that completely new players will be given priority entry.

Speaking of which, the first step to getting involved is to join the Imperium Discord server here: https://discord.gg/D8rrQqt

Then, you'll need to head over to our website at https://imperium.rebbl.net/ and link your Discord account, before generating your Imperium coach account. This grants you 10 coins and a free Player Pack, make sure you use them!

From there, navigate to the Tournaments tab and find tournament number 80 - hit the Sign button to signup!

Once that's done, just wait. When it hits eight signups, I'll get the tournament underway and you'll get to open your temporary bonus promotional packs! Trust me, opening packs is exciting.

Signups will be first come, first served and the tournament will begin once we have eight coaches.

All abilities are welcome, REBBL or Rookie League players!

Be aware the tournament is cross-regional and you will likely have to play outside of your preferred timezone. Weekends are good for this. The tournament should last three weeks maximum, and you'll need to fit seven game into that time. It's two minute turns!

Full tournament rules are available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EMJLbKyhpCQsGIcvpVSIWR2JT1UV8w4V7n3ASdI1bSc/edit?usp=sharing

We hope to see you, and your new Chorfy, on the pitch soon!

- Harringzord

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