Over 800 matches played strongly suggests that the first season of REBBL: Imperium has been a resounding success! But all good things must come to an end – at least this is only for a few weeks!


As I’m sure you’re all aware, you will be able to carry a small portion of your collection over to Season 2, which will begin on Thursday 5th September 2019. The limits for what you can carry over are as follows:

  • A maximum of five cards from your collection, of any type
  • A maximum of one REBBL Legend
  • A total card value of 30
  • Exception: any card with Unique or Deck Upgrade rarity is carried over to the new season automatically, in addition to the five cards you select.

Other than that, the decisions on what to do are entirely yours! Cards that are used in the Imperium Cup may still be carried over to Season 2 so you can safely throw everything you have at trying to win that competition.


“Thursday 5th September is so far away though, what will I do in the meantime?” Worry not, for we will still have a few Development Tournaments ongoing while the Imperium Cup is in full swing. No Imperium Gold is carried over to Season 2, so your best bet is to spend what you have to try to find some sweet cards for next season. I’m also anticipating a slight overlap between the end of the Imperium Cup and the start of the new season. Fear not, I’ve planned for it. The whole thing doesn’t need to be squeezed into four weeks.


The window for making a decision on which cards to carry over will open on Saturday 31st August and run through until Wednesday 4th September. On the Thursday, all collections will be wiped save for the cards you’ve opted to keep. We’re planning to add a button to the website that will allow you to nominate five cards to save from the reset – watch this space.


The month of “downtime” will allow time for balance changes and other quality of life improvements for Season 2. A full patch list will be released when it’s finished. We have a few Special Play cards under review, and you can expect a few card values and rarities to change (Collared! moving to Epic rarity, for example). I’m also planning to do away with signup deadlines for Development Tournaments which will allow us to just roll them when they fill up. Coaches already signed up will no longer be displayed (so you can’t cherry pick your opposition) and midweek Fast Tracks will also become a thing – because some of you work weekends!


There are a few problems to address, too. The biggest of which is Regular length tournaments. These exist because a number of players can’t commit to the Boot Camp cycle but my observations are showing me that a lot of spots are being filled by coaches who can commit to the Boot Camp cycle, but are happy to throw cheap fodder decks into Regular tournaments to hoover up the larger payouts. This is, unfortunately, a blatant abuse of my attempts to make this game open to everyone and as such I need to shut it down, so we’re likely to return to the rule that signing up for a Regular means you can’t enter Boot Camps, and vice versa.


Soft conceding is also on my list, which is doubly irritating after I literally wrote a rule about conceding that precisely nobody seems to have read. You might think I haven’t noticed that match report where you’ve only thrown four blocks and lost 4-0, but I’m afraid I have. So from next season, Foul Play penalties will be much harsher. Gold fines will be increased, and we’ll introduce the chance to lose good cards from your collection.


Right, with the horrible stuff out of the way, onto the fun stuff! The Imperium Cup is about to begin, with 64 coaches going head-to-head in a knockout format to determine our overall Season 1 Champion. REBBL Playoffs are just drawing to a close… it’s almost as if I planned this…


I’m now in a position to announce the prizes for the first Imperium Cup!


All four semi-finalists will receive:

  • Limited Edition Special Play Card: Head Start – in the Inducement Phase, open an additional Inducement Coaching Pack and Inducement Positional Pack. This card will be removed from your collection after use.


Our runner-up will receive, in addition to the above:

  • Limited Edition Deck Upgrade: Freeroll – gain one team re-roll


And finally, our Season 1 champion will receive all of the above, plus:

  • Limited Edition Deck Upgrade: Imperium Champions – gain up to five Fan Factor
  • Superstar Signing! – select one of the 11 mixed teams and add a random REBBL Legend from the new content pack to your collection

Imperium Cup prizes will last for the entirety of Season 2.

Ah yeah, about that content pack…

REBBL Imperium: Old School

We’re going back to where it all began for REBBL: Imperium’s first Content Pack! Exactly 100 new cards will be added to the game, bringing the total to over 800.

Take a trip down memory lane as you strive to collect REBBL Legends from the past – retired or dead for many a year but now ready to return and fight for your cause!

Terrify your opponents through the sheer speed of Juan Gungeon, spend a weekend relaxing with Megan Rain, or perhaps make a charitable donation to the office of Gary Friendly

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come:


New REBBL Legends

Thirty new legends will be available to collect, each of whom made their names on the REBBL fields in Seasons 1 to 6. Their time may have passed, but could they brighten up your future?


New Special Play Cards

You love ‘em, you hate ‘em, but you know it’s not as fun without them! A whole host of new cards will be available to mess with your opponents’ plans.


New Card Type: Reaction

Are you tired of your favourite player constantly being targeted with Special Play cards? Spring a surprise for your opponents with our all-new Reaction cards!


New Tournament Sponsors

The carnage has attracted the interest of even more sponsors looking to pay you that all important Imperium Gold for their own entertainment. Seven more sponsors are waiting in the wings.


And plenty more!

You can now speculate (as I know you will) but you won’t be getting much more out of me until the beginning of Season 2. For now, the focus turns to crowning our first champion via the Imperium Cup.

Best of luck to all coaches taking part, and keep your eyes peeled for that patch list.

- Harringzord

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