It's common practice amongst REBBL coaches to retire their players when they have suffered too many injuries. However, it appears Koloski didn't get the memo. This monster will literally work his players to the grave. You can smash both your knees, have a damaged back, a fractured skull and a smashed collar bone. Still got a pulse? YOU CAN PLAY. 

Don't believe me? Meet Chance:

No, this is not a "Cripple Cup" participant.

In fact, up until yesterday he was a rostered player of the Serpent Lords, an official REBBL team participating in REL Division 8, currently under the tutelage of the aforementioned coach Koloski.

But the pain is over.

He has finally found the sweet release of death.

Good night, sweet prince.

- Troukk

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I am just happy that I could add to Chance's legacy, with a niggle. - Gypsy Prince

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