Let me tell you a story. It is the story of an adventure that burgeoned with a few minds but soon blossomed to reach the many. It is a story still in the making. A story whose grandeur and decadence is now being written.

It is the story of ReBBL Stock Market.

Born out of a fertile confluence of minds, the market was built up by Hindus, Herotosucara, Majorbyte and TomasT, under the paternal gaze of our benevolent overlord, Metal. Functioning thanks an in-house algorithm developed by our core group of visionaries, the ReBBL Stock Market offers week by week ratings of more than six hundred Blood Bowl teams. And, to give you access to this new world of opportunities, the omnipotent broker: ReBBL Stock Market Bot, reachable at any moment on the ReBBL Stock Market Discord*. 

After a beta-testing phase destined to help the admins get an edge iron out the major issues, the ReBBL Stock Market now opens its dignified digital doors to you! Yes, you. With the season 12 ready to kick off, any ReBBL coach interested in the stock market will be able to invest in the team(s) of their choice. Now you are all very excited, but how does the system work, you ask? 

Well... Glad you asked. That’s what I have been commissioned to explain. It is pretty simple, even I (mostly) understand it.

The team stocks are rated according to their performances**. Investors can use their funds to buy shares of teams. Ratings change weekly, at the roll over. Buy or sell orders are also processed at the same time. Wins automatically raise the value of stocks, losses automatically decrease it. It is that simple.

Here is an example: I like the Reikland Reavers (who doesn’t) and place an order for 2000 credits worth of shares at the start of week one before their game versus he Drowned Sharks. Due to their reputation the Reavers' shares go for 500 a piece; but my order will not be processed before the end of the week, when the ratings will be adjusted. 

If the Reavers win against the Drowned Sharks, their value will go up and my 2000 may only bring me 3 shares instead of 4; or the other way around and I may land 5 shares instead. 

Same goes for sell orders, I could decide to sell 2 shares of the Reavers during the following round, if their stock keeps going up, I will rake in more money than I initially could dream of at the start of that round. If they lose, I will not gain as much as I hoped. 

And there you go, that's how the market works.

ReBBL stock market still being in its infancy, the factors affecting team ratings and actions available to investors are the core essentials. But, as the stock market keeps evolving, more features will be developed and implemented.
As it is, here is a short list of commands one can use to starts their foray into the first Blood Bowl stock market.

List of ReBBL Stock Market Bot commands:

  • !newuser - creates a new account to be able to trade.

  • !stock xxx - searches for a stock whose team name contains xxx.

  • !buy xxx $$$ - will buy stock from xxx for $$$ amount of money.

  • !sell xxx  ~~ -  will sell ~~ shares of xxx stock.

  • !list - opens your portfolio in a private conversation with your shares, funds and outstanding buy/sell orders.

Now that is just to help you get started, join the Stock Market Discord server, read the RULES and start trading away!

Onwards to the Great Orcmania of season 14, the Black Wednesday  and the Great Big O Bubble of 2020! 

* The ReBBL Stock Market is accessible via Discord only.
**Stock value will not impact any future divisional placement. It is used for trading purposes only.

- Zee

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