Hey guys! Chabxxu here again with a bunch of stats, this time about the new and nice SIPPY cup. Yes, that’s how it’s called, and I’m going to call it that way for the rest of my articles. If you don’t like it, you can leave, the door’s this way! --------->

Let’s get right into it this time though. Once again, I have three questions I am going to try and answer during the playoffs:

1-Which team is the most OP and will allow me to get to playoffs and win the Superbowl.

2-Which region should I play in if I want the best shot at winning the whole damn thing?

3-Which division (1-2-3-4-5) will have the best representation in playoffs this year?

Once again, I’ll get into the second question first, since it’s the one that allows me to bash Gman and Metal quicker. If you guys have read the post about the playoffs, you’d know that Gman got the most tickets since they had the most signups in the last season. HOWEVER! And here’s where it gets fun, Sippy cup tickets were actually given to the teams with the best season. And guess what. Yup. Rel got the most tickets. As it should be…

And now, before Gman can recover, quickly into the third question. Which division is best to get into Sippy cup? Quite easy to answer. Div 4. They get an extra 8 spots across the 2 regions for best third place. That’s why Rel got so many more tickets. The winners of both Gman and Rel Rampups got tickets to Sippy cup, along with the Rebbl Minor champ, and the Stunty Cup Champ!

And finally, into the most interesting subject for most of you (for me too). Teams in Sippy cup. Want to guess who are the most represented teams? We have FIVE races really coming out of the gates swinging here: Lizardman (8), Chaos (7), Dark Elves (6), Necromantic (6) and Skaven (6). That’s a huge 33 tickets out of 61 given to 5 races. Expect many of them to make it to the later rounds. Lizardman and Dark Elves have done very well in both Playoffs and Sippy cup, while Chaos coaches are showing that they lack skill, and taking clawpomb on every player might not be the best strategy to win!

Next up next to the Big Five, we have the Medium Five. Bretonnians (5), Chaos Dwarves (4), Nurgle (4), Orcs (3) and Wood Elves (3) are making a decent appearance in this first edition of the Sippy Cup. Having some many Bretonnian teams is pretty impressive, and should make for a bunch of interesting games!

And finally, after all those (OP and boring teams, let’s admin it) teams got there tickets, there is still a few ones left for the leftover teams… Undead (2), Underworld (2), High Elves (1), Khemri (1), Kislev (1), Norse (1) and Ogres (1) all managed to get 1 or 2 teams in, to bring a little diversity to those playoffs! Let’s hope some of them get a bit farther than the first round!

A very sad mention about Amazons, Dwarves, Goblins, Halflings, Humans, Pro Elves and Vampires that didn’t manage to send anyone to the Sippy Cup, to fight for glory and the privilege of getting destroyed in Div 1 next season!


Hope you enjoyed! See you next week!

- Chabxxu

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