Greetings masochistic heathens! Sorry so much for missing eps 97/98 everyone.. If I can find the time to back track and cover them I will but it's too daunting at the moment so best to just get back on the horse so.. 

Episode 99 Playoffs and Offseason installment! Always a good informative one!

Rebbl Alliance Podcast

Episode 99 runtime: 141min

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

The most special-est of special guests you know him you kinda think he is pretty darn okay- Haringzord 

Intro and News- Surviving the plague; The busy get busier; 'Top 40 ReBBL memes' becoming a ReBBL meme; Imperium: meme generator extraordinaire; Living in PJs; Fashion advice; Coping; Breaking Fed; Metal gets Zord fired; Playoffs? Playoffs?!!?; Bingo is back y'all thank you Vulpesinculta; To new streamers "not as easy as it looks, eh" -Zord probably; Time and over commitment; Try Harding bingo; Zord's Hell Week; Cripple Cup; Immortal  league resurrected;  Khemerates laid to rest, on to..elves? Bloody tryhards; A brief glimpse into Limey provincialism; Fed's 'magical' mystery tour; The Prophesy and dice swings; Counter Nominative Determinism [because trying to outsmart Nuffle never backfires]; Elf League has returned; Playoff Brackets and Tipping; Second guessing Feline use in fake gambling ventures; Cripple Ladder and Summer Camp (with new badges to earn) are back too; Bomber abuse and karma; Greenhorn and OSI kicking off; Don't forget to sign up for the new season; Summertime Classics offered you for your exploration at Camp famous/infamous teams from ReBBL past for your amusement; Gauntlets have been thrown down already; S13 Trophy pic pinned in PO spoilers to see what you are fighting for; Discussion of strategy in prognostications; 

The Top 40 list!
An ongoing discussion attempting to create a list of the top coaches in ReBBL! Not a ranking just recognizing the coaches that have stood out as being of superior skill.

week 1 (ep88)- McMacky; the Sage; Sandune 

week 2 (ep 89)- Ornan; Gerbear; Motlee; Morka 

week 3 (ep 90)- Vikingkop; Stouticus; JapeNZ, Kejiruze 

week 4 (ep 91)- Randomboy; Luminouslight; Saace

week 5 (ep 92)- GDayNick; ArchXL; ChrystalHunter

week 6 (ep 93)- DerTeef Basha, ThomasT; Mystaes 

week 7 (ep 94)- toastguy7; HornyCricket; SuperFedtv 

week 8 (ep 95)- Walkerthon; Hindus; Jimmy Fantastic

 week 9 (ep 96)- Papa Nasty; Khalerick; Pete

 week 10 (ep 97)- Ficction; Hudd; Larkstar 

week "11" (ep 98)- Bleeding Hippy; InfinitePink; Travelscrabble; NotforScience

week "12" (ep 99)- Woofbark; Spoonybard; Jamus; Haringzord (bloody tryhard)  

Woo! That's 40! Congrats to everyone on the initial list. Let's see who is still on it after a few episodes. Nobody is safe. It's blood bowl. Removals are half the fun!

Reminiscing about the podcast and episode 100 teasers. Twitch stream!; Wrap up and jokes.

I am currently reading a book on's impossible to put down!

Enjoy the post season madness. I will see you crazy fools for episode 💯 I cannot wait! Enjoy the offseason folks the blood will resume before you know it! Thanks for reading!

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