Greetings masochistic heathens!

Sorry for the delay but my original column was erased by a complete imbecile. I can say this about this individual with perfect authority as it is I.. Saving is a thing! Yay learning but any who..

We are back, finally! After a few weeks without our beloved podcast we are greeted with a doozy. I’m not sure I can do this one justice nor if I can trust myself to stay impartial but awaaaaaay we go..

Rebbl Alliance Podcast

episode 81

Hosted by- FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Guest- You know him you love him, if you don’t GTFO.. the man, the myth, and the legend; hold on tight for the sultry sounds of Harringzord 

Run time- 2hr 17m

Intro and Welcome- Depantsed Fed; Zord introduced at length and girth; Life interfering, the boys teasing their things; Streamer Salt; Be the meme-Embrace the meme; Week in Matches; More squishy teams please; CHECK THE ANNOUNCEMENTS and read the rules; and check the announcements; Playoffs and Challenger Cup Time y’all get hyped!; Murder Record: Killing with chivalry; Gerbear taking the BigEasy path to playoffs?; jockeying for position

22m News Around Rebbl- Playoffs start next week! Once your final match is played you can leave the competition and request a mng ticket or accept your playoff ticket: good luck!; Casters Wanted for Playoffs!; RandomGuy on an undefeated torrent Vamps the deadly joke team; Live playoff draw Sunday; Seeding explained (@apx 30 min mark); Challenger Cup: if the ticket is refused you MUST reroll- seriously read the announcements; Arachnid murder; Why don’t ppl want to play their matches [umm because Blood Bowl is about risk management? Duh.. ;) but seriously this mindset should not be a surprise: the game trains us to want development while minimizing risk•GVK]; OI done and dusted the Devastational is dead...F; CCL haters; Nufflies Awards nominations are open; talking point teased; Cheesex in Playoffs.. 


55m Talking Point- The Player Free Agent Market: R.I.P. 

[spent 12 hrs debating what to say here.. I’m just going to say in an environment where t16 “respect fouls” and sanctioned CASH incentivized bounties and coaches that play purely to break other teams are a thing (none of which I dislike) it is a damn shame that one of the few options available to mitigate the random fluke death is going away due to what sounds like a tiny handful of edge cases that, by what we are allowed to know, seem to have been minimally successful. And with the new mandatory participation in the Challenger Cup possibly shredding what could/should have been a possible contender in the next season I believe this will be a regrettable decision but so be it, I’m willing to wait and see as always I hope I’m wrong] but if you want the real discussion on this check out the #My-Dudes channel in the Rebbl discord where all the points in all the podcasts can always be discussed freely as long as you are being cordial. Ideas to save the Market are welcome as per admins.


1h 21m- The real story here- Imperium. It’s live. It’s real. It’s REAL addictive. Cardboard Crack meets Blood Bowl meets I don’t even know what.. it’s too good. Stay away if you value your free time.. you’ve been warned.

Wrap up shout out to Iron Master for his impressive run; AudiBowl(?) with Michaels; Baby He Roto and Jokes 

And that wraps it up for me. 

I have come to the conclusion I can’t trust stairs.. they are alway up to something 


Have a safe off season and See you next episode 


- WaitHoldMyBeer

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