Greetings masochistic heathens!

Nobody told me to stop so I’m back again with another deranged version of the events transpiring on the latest episode of our favorite Rebbl Podcast! Still settling into my groove here, so pardon any changes! Or don’t.. whutevah.

Big news ran away with the show but still (and always) some juicy tidbits but have at it and away we go!

Rebbl Alliance Podcast ep.78

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Special Guest: Michaels

Listen to the podcast on PodOmatic.

Run time: 1h 53m

Intro and News around Blood Bowl And REBBL-

Blood Bowl by Cyanide is 10 yrs old in June

Metal-Fed decorators shed

Michaels introduced- can’t beat Metal confirmed

Cross Platform Cup: PC asserts it’s rightful dominance over the peons 

XSessively Elfly League season 2 starts.. know don’t get boned by 2+s enough..

Ramp-up reaching new heights

Please support the Podcast!! Metal hates schilling for money.. I have no such reservations;) The last 2 episodes had a combined 1200+ listeners.. I suspect if half the listeners gave a couple bucks it would cover us in Podcast goo for a good bit!

[seriously.. if you can and if you enjoy something give a bit back! Data rates go up, help out if you can!! This is true for all the wonderful things this league offers us- Rebbl News, Recappers, all of it. Show your support! A dollar (or barbaric equivalent) is all it takes! Any Rebbl donations can be earmarked for the podcast specifically for now, if you wish, until something formal is set up! Help them keep giving us all the things that make this a great League!]

ReBBL's/Metal's Paypal

[send to a “friend/family’s” to avoid fees]

Suggestions for patreon perks for Podcast patrons- Metals Wall of Shameful Loosers? (No merch. Merch is money be sensible)

Week in matches- SuperFed super shredded?; Top bunk buddies in 5a; Troll abuse; Imperium Tournament- totally not fixed not at all, nobody gave Metal his dream..; SuperFed hates fun (recurring theme); AD Chaos Inv.

Talking Point- BB3..(*record scratch*).. but first

Rebbl/Rebbrl Subreddits joined in unholy matrimony in order to break in the poor fools..Er... I mean introduce the next all the wonderful things Rebbl has to offer besides the main league as well as streamlining moderator responsibilities. No Noob abuse..yet..

BB3- What does it mean for Rebbl? Why? And What to Expect until we know more actual information. 

-note the irony of the fears of Cards in BB a few minutes after discussing Imperium 

-It probably won’t be what we dream of but won’t be as bad as we my opinion

Jokes- Michaels’ smoother delivery than Amazon Prime

Sign Off 

And that’s the lot. BB3 will certainly be worth watching for info on but since they don’t even seem to be sure what they are doing I’m keeping my hype train firmly in the garage.

For now that’s all! Until next time!

What did the Dwarf say to the pint of beer?

”I could drink you under the table”

Stay Classy folks!





- WaitHoldMyBeer

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