Hey, I just listened to "REBBL Alliance Episode 79" of the "ReBBL" podcast on PodOmatic. Listen Online.

Greetings masochistic heathens

We are back by popular demand! Ok 1 person asked if there was going to be one but demand is demand...

Episode 79

Run time: 117min 17sec

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Special guest: The chunder from down under the non-aboriginal original: Swagtusk

Intro: Metals throbbing....hangover; the Big O bashing begins; the long strange trip: Nurgle (who needs tanking when you got stanking); misclick skills; the week in matches: draws and impenetrable av 8; Fed v Groon...sounding off on a Horny new rivalry??-Skill game confirmed; [*it certainly sounds like Fed’s hatred of fun has caught Nuffle’s attention..Nuffle likes fun, hates try hards .. it is known* -GVK]; Metal using all his leveling luck in season 1; Just throw dice; Swags’ too many stats and doubles.. everyone stop and feel sorry for him..ok that’s enough...; Clan talk; Bret love: trying to make up for last episode French bash.

24m -News Around the League/Blood Bowl..*kinda*: 1 min League sign ups are open; HJMC- SliceandDice wins; Incesticide takes the Secondary Bracket congrats to both!; No quitting in season pixel huggers..!; BB weeding out the weak; Burnout may be taking effect; Puckstop stepping up- He is not completely useless; Big Ben Radio Silence; Baldour Gates introduced as new star player.. huh.. what, no? Oh they are talking about some other game.. there are other games???; PS-Dragons cannot be transformed..iirc..; but I’ll allow it for the Crit.Role plug; Swag: “I’ll do a bit of role play..” inspired my next Dark Elf team..; Plugs for Zee n me😉 always looking for more writers at ReBBL News..(it’s a labor of love); bedazzling dolls..Er I mean Table Top Talk...; Face Huggers; YAAAS; being excited to give away money.. looks accusingly at last episode..

Cue smooth segway.. pure virtuosity and Godzilla 

53m -Talking Points-Stream Sniping and questionable sportsmanship: innocent fun or gaining advantage? (I admit I never viewed trying to calm a coach down as assistance but it is..)

Mentally preparing for your match: game prep. How do you get psyched up to get diced?[disappointed this did not get explored further]

Big O throwing shade and finding itself in the shadows but they are used to that..

Dishing Dirt: Zord/Metal tell all..

Expecting accountability from Games companies and other pipe dreams..


Send off!

and an amazing hilarious new Closing send off from Fed... get over yourselves 😉

I decided to forgo a joke this week, my jokes seem to suffer from too much gravity.. they just fall flat on their face..

Stay Classy Folks!






- WaitHoldMyBeer

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