Greetings masochistic heathens!

We have Podcasts in back to back weeks! Glorious! This week, a championship episode as we are joined briefly by our new Champ. Let’s do this shall we?

Episode 83

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Special Guest- Season 11 champion AGrain!

Run time: 2 hrs 13 min

Introduction:  Introducing your champ and alpha male; “Feels good to win”; Dice, Ones and Balance; [I am not going to try and break down the interview as I can’t do it justice and I have an interview in ReBBL News with AGrain coming soon! The guys do a great interview and listen]

~28min- News around ReBBL and Blood Bowl: Clan sign ups filling up; ReBBL stock market the ultimate tipping competition; This amazing community and the things they can accomplish; What madman offends Majorbyte??!?- there is a person and emotions behind every screen name..; Fed’s Pro investing tips;  Metal drops a Greed-bomb; Cripple Cup this weekend get signed up! REL/BigO friendly time 23:00 utc start Saturday 24th; Fed admits 4 min turns are needed... no he didn’t just making sure you are reading; Fed’s DOGS and Metal’s Alkhemy; Zee’s Report from the Sidelines: LL wrapping up new sign ups, Elf League approaching the finish, 1-min down to its last few moments; AD Chaos clan finals plugged- ReBBL VS Sagelings (go Sagelings); Orabbi trims tv..humanitarian; Zinj’s wizardry-Fed’s ideas for implementing* {*the views and opinions expressed by SuperFed do not necessarily reflect the desires of the League}

59min- The ever elusive Talking Point: Why don’t injuries affect Team Value and Pixel Hugging vs Team management 

Ramblings and Rants- BlitzMania insanity and fear for BB3; DotA”if everything is broken nothing is”; 

78min- Season 12 Info, Updates, and Hopes: restructuring and ticket distribution; Be patient and have trust; [Lots of info here that I am inadequate to fully cover]; Donate to ReBBL just a few bucks really goes a long way; 

Transparency, Jokes, and send off. 

Until the next episode..

An old taxi driver looks up as his back door opens. He sees a naked woman get in and sit down. She gives her destination but the cabby just stares.

”Well? What, you’ve never seen a naked woman before?” She asks

”No I have, I’m just worried about where you are keeping your money”

Thanks for reading!

- WaitHoldMyBeer

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