Greetings masochistic heathens!

Finally the Podcast is back!! After a short hiatus it was My Dudesday again. Let’s jump right in shall’ll be FUN

ReBBl Alliance Podcast Episode 84

Run time: 112 minutes 

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Special Guest..though are you really a guest when you used to be the cohost? Just seems like one of those relationships where they agree to stop seeing each other and remain friends but then they still end up hanging out on the weekends and stuff..regardless it’s a win for us ‘cause we get us some Harringzord!!!

Introductions and News- Fed’s Fantasy Projecting..and it has nothing to do with sports or video games😳; CCL the entertainment gift that just keeps giving and protecting your playoff spot; *McNugget listening having flashbacks to his banning.; Saltzord; BB2020 rules and errata..just kidding cause why would they give us info- Rumors of anti-Rat nerfs tho to keep us rabid; One Turners [being an “auto draw” as a av7 team is a bit of an overstatement and draws are not abusive simply annoying. Maybe a 12/13 man well coached Skaven team can count on being an auto draw but could say the same about several teams played at high level with good development]; New clan OT rules and playtesting guinea pigs; Bragging and Bitching ; Clown Fiestas; Lets all pause for sympathy for BleedingHippie losing players..that’s enough *cough*Karma*cough*😜; Fed “I’m a dick in ReBBL”; Fouling and Poor sportsmanship; Khemri lament; Removals a luxury?; Clan and changes; Clip competition and reading; Strange fatal coincidences; Metal insists Zord discuss his thing; Kink shame paradox; Administrating fun and the off season programs changes; [I, like Fed, am over the market/trading conversation but I find it interesting that “fun” cannot be administered but “fair”, in a game with built in imbalances combined with RNG, might be? “Fun” was never the main argument: it was having things taken away for what seemed like very negligible abuses with negligible effect, that seemingly could be fixed by saying “no we won’t buy and sell these types of players”. It’s no more “fair” to roll a crazy player on your own “skill” (lol) than to trade for one or buy one. I do like the test to see any actual effect of the various side “hustles” so it’s all good and I don’t want to argue, but it’s like saying you are a better poker player, just because you were delt a straight flush, than the guy that just bluffed a pot after being dealt crap for a dozen hands..-GVK]; OSI- winning should always matter; Imperium Season 2 is open:new cards, new sponsors, new madness; Congrats Zsinj on being Season 1 champion; SuperFuntv; Embrace the silly in Zord’s Frankenstein Monster of a brainchild; I’m an Ogre coach now??; 

80 minutes-Talking Point: Is Bloodbowl an Inherently Poorly Designed Game?  [Imo it’s a well designed but merely adequately executed deliberately imbalanced game-GVK

Jokes and send off! Send Fed jokes..

Why does Pigglet stink so bad?

Cause he is always playing with Pooh

Thanks for reading and thanks Metal, Fed, and Zord for their time!

Until next time! Good Luck Have Fun!


- WaitHoldMyBeer

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