Greetings masochistic heathens!

Sorry for the delay. Not going to bore y’all with excuses..I’m just behind and distracted. Hey, before we get started Metal is looking for both Guests and Talking Points. Remember to spam him with jokes prior...I kid, please don’t get me in trouble.. Away we go!

ReBBL Alliance Podcast

Run time- 100min

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and Superfedtv

Special Guest- tsalt.. I mean tself 

Around Blood Bowl- Lamenting the seals clubbing back-the nerve; Fed challenges DrF-bomb’s record for fastest use of their “1” aprox 10 min mark; self-caster curse and bias; Sassy Metal; PodOmatic hiccuping; Imperium shenanigans; too much beating off; Imperium looking for admins; 1-min league sign ups HJMC Rulez this season; Communication with the Caster Corps; Playoffs?...PLAYOFFS??!...; Nurgle depending on dice..; thoughts on division standings Div 1s- still plenty of clenched cheeks to go around; Patience and perspective; taking shots at the Market convo-don’t feed the troll..yawn just let it die; segue..

47m Talking point time- Finding “good” in bad losses. [Very applicable to me having lost or tied several games recently on 6+ plays tyvm]

Secondary talking point- apos babes and the devil’s decisions.

Chit chat; Throwing down the gauntlet to break the Clan overtime rule changes; Jokes and Send off.

Don’t forget to give back to the communities you love- a little cash, time spent on the various extras we get to enjoy like Rebbl news or recappers..anything you can offer. These folks give a lot to us we should probably offer more than grief back😉!

Again volunteers to be a guest and more talking point ideas as well as new segments are welcomed just message our intrepid hosts.

A new bride decided to send her husband a romantic text: “If you are sleeping, send me a dream; if you are laughing, send me a smile; if you are missing me, send me a kiss”

reply- “On the toilet... please advise”

Until next time and I’ll try to get my act together before then..but don’t hold your breath😜

- WaitHoldMyBeer

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