Greetings masochistic heathens!

We are back, two weeks in a row! Shocking I know. With a guest I’m super pumped about as well! I won’t gild the lily too much let’s get this started!!

Rebbl Alliance Podcast Episode 85

Run time 116 min

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and Superfedtv

Special guest- The officially unofficial official unofficial Uniform Czar the one and only Wolframajax 

Introductions and News around Blood Bowl- Weekly CCL update; Doubling down on screwups always works; Why Rebbl is better than CCL; Imperium scratching the itch; Jump Up bombing..lamest argument ever; Elves passing bombs...too much fiber?; Fed’s domination and Morka’s lament; New Div debate: should experienced coaches be required to compete vs experienced coaches; Playing the big names..being the big name; Metal’s Snowbowl; Wolframajax somehow figured out how to play; Metal tanking?; NFL Europe; Charles’ ELO system (really enjoy these); Stock Tip: don’t buy Metal; Mind games and moral victories; Fed starts snoring as Clan is discussed; Side League run down- New lineman league season Slicendice is the new champion; Rusty is just a middle of the road kinda guy; XS dominates his own side league; New Elf season starts soon; 1- min semi-finals going on; Season 7 sign ups are open- check out the new format; Immortal League in round 5; Remember all Side Leagues follow the ReBBL rules in addition to their rule sets: still need to post to Reddit, still need to play your matches; Don’t taunt the Ban Hammer be an adult; The “science” of fashion; Wolframajax wastes his wish on covering Fed next season; Orabbi hero worship; Playing the game with the right attitude; Best segue in ReBBL Podcast history...

Talking Point- How much control/input should the league have on how individual coaches play? Soft Concedes, Ignoring the Ball to kill, and you. 

Fed quote of the cast- “I love sauce”🤔

Remember when Fed beat Metal?; Making Playoff assertions; Wolf with the zing; Expectations going into matches; Challenge of streaming your own games; Wrapping up and Jokes!

An old married couple are sitting in church..the wife suddenly turns to her husband “I just let out a long silent fart..what should I do??”

”Change your hearing aid battery for starters..”

Sorry I’m still a bit behind, but thanks a ton as always for reading everyone!

Good luck this week! Until next time!

- WaitHoldMyBeer

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brief, your best work yet ! - wolframajax

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