Greetings masochistic heathens! It’s back, our podcast is back! The season is wrapping up soon, tensions are rising! Not for me but for some of you insufferable few..;) playoffs are looming. Why not take this chance to get on the podcast and declare your inherent alpha status? Always looking for more guests! But I digress. Let’s get down to the business of talking trash shall we?

ReBBL Alliance Podcast

Episode 87

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Special Guest- Hargrim!

Run time: ~128min

Intro and News around ReBBL- Metal’s rampant infidelity/jealous Fed; scoping out the competition for the airwaves; PodOmatic rant pt. II; totally NOT suggesting we all write derisive letters..; Need coaches for 1-min League; Big Guy on Big Guy action distracts Fed; Ties worse than losses; Stop picking on Fed he is sensitive (seriously step back and think of the context and the person behind before you comment on jokes and jibes between friends); weeks matches; Dorf shame knows no..well..shame; Midseason lull; Mothers don’t let your babies grow up to play Dwarfs; Clipping Comp; Tyranny; Couch; 

Blood Bowl Table Top World Cup Recap- Congrats to all the ReBBL coaches who played! (I heard one of the guys got some award for something or other to do with “most touchdowns” or something.. I’m skeptical but barring a recount congrats McNugget😉); Hygiene is important; the Table Toppers poking fun at card players.. Geek War shots fired; Chaperoning McNugget- A Stranger in a Strange Land; Fed finally finds something about Table Top that gets his attention that rhymes with “Pripper Stole”; That’s so Sage; Technical Difficultlies at the Cup; The Try Hard Stunty Team..; Kilt it; GW is dumb: Chameleon Skinks..moving on; Proofreading and silly misakes; Gamer Stockholm Syndrome; Fed sees the light; Try-hard v Beer n Pretzels; Imperium has all the beer and pretzels; 

Talking Point- Is intentionally tilting your opponent breaking the DBAD rule? [“Blood Bowl is about both parties having fun” - Dorf player]

Jokes, send off and a drive by Nuggeting..

Someone asked me the other day how I can be so condescending..

I told them: slowly and with small words.

Until next time don’t forget to give back so we all have more!



- WaitHoldMyBeer

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