Greetings masochistic heathens! I don’t know what’s going on but we got two podcasts in 6 days.. now just calm down I’m sure it’s nothing serious. We will get back to our usual frenetic schedule soon. It’s all a ploy to lull us..

ReBBL Alliance Podcast 

Episode  89

Run time- 129 min

Hosted by- FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Special Guest- The mad man himself! Micheals 

Into and News; Micheals hates Christmas; Metal does Dobby the House Elf impression; Rampant misogyny; Fed doesn’t give consent ; Week in matches; Dead rats (the crowd rejoices); Deep tactical discussion on linerats😳; Dead to Wights (must be the week for it, I murdered mine throwing him against the biggest snotling I ever Not buying it..? Fine..); Ladder talk; Blood Bowl coaches a unique breed; Something something other video games blah blah; NerdPod vs Alliance; AGDQ Speedruns for Charity; Time Savers; Grown men talk about playing with dolls..I mean “models”..; Tryhards- [funny how the most competitive group of goofballs I’ve ever been around shame tryhards..]; Wolframajax ReBBL Fund Raiser, bravo Wolf well conceived! (And Metal hates talking about money, I have no such reticence😈- if you can, please consider a small donation to ReBBL, all the incidental things we take for granted : trophies, mugs, podcasts all add up! Anything helps! Please and Thanks to all those who have!!); Butt Cleavage; Clan season 7 starting; Zara; Beer League (reworked Lineman League) rules coming; Fed claims to have sense of humor, still attempting to acquire evidence; Condolences 5J; Bounty Board back week 2; “Its a show..about nothing!!” But we love the podcast anyway;)

The Top 40 list!

week 1- McMacky, the Sage, Sandune (*ThomasT)

week 2- Ornan, Gerbear, Motlee(an educational experience I hope to repeat someday), Morka 

*the guys misremembered the list this episode but Sage was the choice last episode how they choose to go forward I will follow in the future 

An ongoing discussion attempting to create a list of the top coaches in ReBBL! Not a ranking just Real recognizing Real!

Promoting Clan and chances to play cross regions and opportunities to play these coaches; Brown-nosing Dwiggs and his genocidal urges; [Everyone forgets the point of a Cull isn’t to reduce the population but to strengthen the stock!]

Jokes and Send off; and drive by Dad Jokes

A local monastery decided to have a fund raiser Fish and Chips dinner to support the church. 

A customer walks up and says: “May I just have some fries?

”Sure one second! I am the fish Friar I’ll go and get the chip Monk...”


Good Luck and thanks for reading!


- WaitHoldMyBeer

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