Breaking news:NEW REBBL PATREON!!

Greetings masochistic heathens! We are back 3 weeks in a row (technically 3 in 15 days no less).. Not sure why this bounty has fallen in our laps but I’ll not look a gift horse in the mouth. Hold onto the reins and let’s giddyup..

ReBBL Alliance Podcast

Episode 90 run time 123 min

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv 

Special Guest- turn down the bass- pump up the treble: IT’S A GERBEAR!!!!

Intro and News and Path of Exhile drinking game- Reduced Sodium Fed; ASPCA warning; Drink; PoE ReBBL guild; The week in games: do as Metal says not as he does; Mysteas under the bus; Player TrueNames grant power;  Dead rats and a martyred Knight; Skaven meta discussion; the irony of telling the coach you just nominated for top 40 coach his advise is wrong.. just ReBBL things; IsenMike Things; Dead to Wights; Superstar Shootout coming soon; Turkish Delight; Projecting your tendencies; Drink; Shootout explained; PodOmatic blues; Chao Cup coming February 1st; Btw Did you hear Metal beat Michaels in Clan; Schemes and Dreams for coin; Fed vs Deathroller; Deathzone; Clone Drone and the Dangerzone; 

The Top 40 list!
An ongoing discussion attempting to create a list of the top coaches in ReBBL! Not a ranking just Real recognizing Real!

week 1 (ep88)- McMacky, the Sage, Sandune (*ThomasT)

week 2 (ep 89)- Ornan, Gerbear, Motlee, Morka 

week 3 (ep90)- Vikingkop, Stouticus, JapeNZ, Kejiruze 

*the guys misremembered the list episode 89; but Sage was the choice episode 88 how they choose to go forward I will follow in the future

Our Hero to su Cara made us a fun toy if anyone wants to join in the list making!

Metal says they are spending two hours every week together for the podcast so.. weekly podcast this season confirmed!!😈; Golem tax evasion and negotiation with Nuffles Tax collectors; Moar Clips for the clipping Comp; Congrats CroDog, McNugget, and the rest of the ReBBL coaches at the recent TT in York; Revealing Wolframajax's room of requirement; New Bounty Board; Softhearted BigO and blood money; 
Closing and Jokes and bless my soul Gerbear is a poet..and chef.. What a catch..

There was a local brothel near by that got shut down. The sign on the door says- "Beat it. We are closed"

Thanks as always for reading! Metal is right the new format is great but is a bit tougher to follow and tease as I am not a typist who will be able to give a word for word recap, this is intended to be a teaser to get you to tune in the the cast. Hopefully you are all still enjoying it!



- WaitHoldMyBeer

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