Greetings Masochistic Heathens! We are still keeping the streak but dark clouds in the horizon.. but let's get rolling and trolling and on with the show!

ReBBL Alliance Podcast Episode 96

Run time 114m

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv 

Special Guest- SwagTusk!!

Intro and News- Harassing Swag; Admin Apps; Fed burns his 1 @3m57s.. Greed you have competition..; knowing your audience when interviewing; throwing shade far and wide; My Schtick don't stink: his schtick stinks; Metal's Nurgle's Rot flaring up; CS:GO; Swags "1" @12.45; Esport trends and streaming; BG:3; GeekPodcast has taken over..; Das Boot confirmed kill; Oh hey they are gonna talk BB🤣 22m in; Nachos Interruptus; Week in matches; SuperFez; Revenge game success; 🎺; Swag uses Metal's1🤣 have an Aussie on and the garbage mouths come out..; Hero Rotter Plays and Dice; The Prophecy spreads; Metal doing population control 1 coach at a time; Perpetual Ladder S1 closing with Fed perched on top; Playoffs starting soon;  Patreon rewards being set up- make sure you give Metal the info he needs and be reasonable on timing requests; "If you can use the word to describe a cake to your mother it doesn't count as your '1'" pastry euphemisms are go; Super Star Shootout hype; Saturday- Krusader streaming; Split is happening contact your div admin;

The Top 40 list!
An ongoing discussion attempting to create a list of the top coaches in ReBBL! Not a ranking just recognizing the coaches that have stood out as being of superior skill.

week 1 (ep88)- McMacky; the Sage; Sandune 

week 2 (ep 89)- Ornan; Gerbear; Motlee; Morka 

week 3 (ep 90)- Vikingkop; Stouticus; JapeNZ, Kejiruze 

week 4 (ep 91)- Randomboy; Luminouslight; Saace

week 5 (ep 92)- GDayNick; ArchXL; ChrystalHunter

week 6 (ep 93)- DerTeef Basha, ThomasT; Mystaes 

week 7 (ep 94)- toastguy7; HornyCricket; SuperFedtv 

week 8 (ep 95)- Walkerthon; Hindus; Jimmy Fantastic

 week 9 (ep 96)- Papa Nasty; Khalerick; Pete

That's 29..11 to go. Can't wait to see how this plays out.
And if you want to play along at home He Roto Su Cara has made us one of his vaunted and elegant spreadsheets!

Tucked into the t40 was interesting discussions about agi 3 mentality and RNG that's worth checking out; ReBBL hive mind; Splitting your focus while streaming; GMan Admins needed; 

Closing and jokes and Patreon shouts!

Why aren't koalas considered true bears?

They don't meet the koalifications...

**The streak shall not last no podcast this week due to illness.. get well soon Metal!**

Sorry for the delay hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading all! GVK

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