Greetings all you fantastic masochistic heathens out there! Season 13, that glorious number with absolutely no stigma or aura around it, kicks off now, today!! Finally!!

A very heartfelt thanks to all who voted for me in the Nufflies. I didn’t win and agree with the winner but was awesome to see the appreciation regardless! Looking forward to bringing up the rear of my division personally and I hope everyone has a fun and successful season!

Enough of that, time to get down to business!!

ReBBL Alliance Podcast

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Episode 88

Runtime- 112m 37s 

Special guest- Gracing us with his pleasant presence after appeasing the ReBBLious peasants; the pulverizer of pheasants: Our favorite plucky over worked creative genius Haringzord!!!!!

Introductions; Holiday recuperation; Fowl Play;  

News around Rebbl and Blood Bowl: Division Day!!; Lumi to the rescue; Sex is funny; Picking on Majorbyte falls under DBaD; Metal’s 5 teams in 5 seasons- be the meme; new fresh div ticket allocation; poncey knife ear resurgence; We have new champions in the Playoffs and CC; [Congrats to MongooseisLoose and O’Kim respectively]; Inducement Orcs in Div 1; Slime and Scales and Tenticles and Tails that’s what REL is made of..Nurgle and Lizard pollution; Mighty Blow envy; Bullcano vs Bull Canoe..the people have already spoken; Christmas Cracker; Giving ppl what they didn’t know they want; Originality and ReBBL memes- mutually exclusive?(Metal if you think being original is important to us...idk what to tell ya, it’s a bold take); ReBBL Spin League coming soon to the best league in Blood Bowl; That Go Get’em Just Do It attitude; ReBBL Side Leagues the hidden gold (imo) of the league; New Lineman League rebalance and rules coming soon; Bending rulez; Tryharding and pushing the limits.

New Segment- Ranking the League cross regions. The Boys try to create a subjective but objective top 40 list of ReBBL coaches🍿; gamesmanship and RELs continued dominance.

Real Football: Purple People Eaters Skoll!!; Jokes and Wrap up.Podcast next week teased!!

*I had a joke about construction I was going to try to use this episode, but unfortunately I’m still working on it...😉*

Until next week! Thanks for reading!





- WaitHoldMyBeer

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