For as long as anyone can remember, we have been afraid of the night. It has been a time for sinister creatures who put fear into the hearts of any player whether red-blooded, cold-blooded, green or even skeletal! Season 11 is fast approaching and with it the return of these monsters both furred and pale. The night has long been terrorized by these creatures, but for how much longer?

This dusk, I say no more. It's time to put them on watch!

I'm not the only one either. Today is the day we can all say no to these midnight menaces. We all have the power to reclaim our nights for decent folk. People like Hells Gate, who is definitely not a short Elf. People like "Bulldozer" Sean who just wants to surf some players without worrying about a clawed menace ruining his fun. People like F73, a horifying monster from beyond time who none the less deserves to live in a world without monsters worse than it.

Today is the day when we all have a chance and a choice. A chance to join together. A choice to fight in your own way against the creatures of the night. With you're help, we CAN make a difference.

Just Say...NO FANGS

Defeating the night terrors is its own reward. However, I for one am willing to make sure it's not its only reward. To make sure that people are rewarded in other ways as well for doing the right thing. Each time a Werewolf or Vampire is permanently killed or strength busted, tell me about it! Bring me screenshots! Or better still a twitch clip of it happening on stream!

I will be reporting on our progress against these dark dorks in a bi-weekly matter and will include YOUR photos and clips in those reports! I'll even pay for them! At the end of season 11 I will donate $1 to REBBL for each Werewolf or Vampire Killed or Strength Busted and reported to me. If any of those straight up kills is against a player with a stat up or double I'll also give the inflicting coach their choice of a $5 donation to REBBL or a $5 or less game for their steam library.

Finally, for the number ONE killer of Vampires and Werewolves (2 kill minimum), I will send a special and "exclusive" No Fangs T-Shirt (provided they live in a place where I can ship it).


Remember: Just Say No Fangs!


- Kaosubaloo

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I'm all okay to get rid of these necro dogs. Vamps on the other hand... that's just mean! c(*,,*)c - Zee

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I'm all okay to get rid of these necro dogs. Vamps on the other hand... that's just mean! c(*,,*)c - Zee

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