My final article for Season 11 covers not only an amazing story for this season but a feat never before accomplished in ReBBL history.

The story of Horatio Hornblower the legendary Halfing. I caught up with Skyblue Monty recently to find out more about this legendary fling who’s played 62 matches and earned 188 SPP.

Road Warrior: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. What part of Australia are you from?
Skyblue Monty: Adelaide. The city well renowned for having a great set of massive balls (look it up I am not kidding).
Road Warrior: My second interview with a coach from Adelaide this season!

Road Warrior: How did you get the name Skyblue Monty?
Skyblue Monty: People often ask why it is Skyblue Monty, I have Skyblue in front because of my love of the Coventry City Football Club.  I will forever be a Sky Blues boy, no matter how bad they play.

RW: How long have you been playing BB? (in any format TT or PC)
SBM: Too bloody long. But in all seriousness I played table top in the late 80s picking up halflings later and never looking back.

RW: What season did you join ReBBL?
SBM: I think I have been in 5 seasons… so do the math because I can’t be bothered and I will probably be wrong anyway.
RW: Through the wonders of I can confirm you joined in Season 7.

RW: I know you’re a regular streamer. Have you always been a streamer of your games or is that a more recent thing?
SBM: I started streaming some 3 years ago, but only recently taken more effort in my streams with my first face reveal in November. I like to think the effort I put into my streams with animations etc that it makes it enjoyable to everyone who watches. I know I swear a lot (I picked that up from the industry I work in) but at the end of the day I want people to be happy even when I am getting wrecked.

RW: Were Monty’s Tosspots your first team in ReBBL?
SBM: Yes they were, but very soon there will be a new Halfling team hitting the Flingaling Field. So watch out ReBBL!!
RW: Well that answers my next question about what you’ll be playing in Season 12. Horatio’s Heroes are already on the sign up list with their new Master Chef Horatio Hornblower.

RW: So there’s quite obviously a serious love of the small hairy footed fellows. What was it that made you choose Halflings?
SBM: Easy, so I can say “OMG YOU LOST TO HALFLINGS??? YOU SUCK!!!”
But in all seriousness, Halflings had very little love in Blood Bowl when we are talking 90’s tabletop here. I took them because I wanted to be different, then learned how different they are and how fun they are and never looked back.
The key to playing Halflings is don’t take things seriously, you will get diced and you will get lucky sometimes. There are no great players in Blood Bowl, only ones that are luckier than others at times. Because of this Halflings can win!!

RW: Let’s talk about the record breaking fling himself.
Beginning with his name. Are you a fan of the book by C.S Forester? Or was the movie or TV show an influence?

SBM: There was a book?? Hang on… there was a TV show??? I have no idea where I heard the name from but it made me laugh as a kid so I never forgot it. I probably read it on a McDonalds placemat somewhere or perhaps at school, I don’t remember.
I am honoured to know you think I may be cultured enough to read a whole book.
RW: Monty you crack me up.

RW: Was he part of your original team?
SBM: Yes he was, that was when I named players. After a while I got lazy and let the random name be chosen.

RW: He’s suffered some knocks along the way. Do you remember what seasons the AV bust and ST bust came in?
SBM: Are you kidding me?? I don’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday let alone that.

RW: How many times did the Apo save him from a worse fate? Was anyone else ever allowed Apo rights?
SBM: He’s been apo’ed a few times, mainly he was a badly hurt which I accepted. Apo rights were in place for Oak Oakington also, Oak did die once and the Apo got him back.

RW: Hitting Legend with a Halfling is an amazing achievement in perseverance. What are your best memories of the game he hit Legend? Was it a star performance from Horatio?
SBM: I am surprised I didn’t piss myself as I was that nervous. My stream that night was like no other, the usual Monty was not on that night, he was a wreck. It was a good performance, but as a team, as the two Treemen Oak and Elmer were also stars. The best performance ever Horatio had will be mentioned in the next answer.

RW: I seem to remember him scoring 5 TD’s in a game in Season 9. Is that his record for a single game?
SBM: 5 TD’s was his most, against RhysA and his Vampires.. Including one zero turn TD. This was his best record yes, and by far the greatest game the Tosspots ever had. I would love to send a message to the wonderful RhysA!!, and that message is….  HAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

RW: Link below to watch the "0 Turn TD" is all it's glory.
Horatio Hornblowers "0 Turn TD"

RW: Ok let’s take a look at Horatio and the skills you chose for him level by level.
Level 2: +AG
A very nice skill to earn immediately. Did you get a feeling he could be the chosen one this early on?

SBM: My exact thought was, oh great an AG+ Fling… He’s dead.

Level 3: Strip Ball
RW: Interesting choice as that required a double. I think I could name half a dozen other skills I’d prefer over Strip Ball like Sure Hands, Block, Nerves of Steel.
Why Strip Ball?

SBM: Strip Ball because with AGI + you can cage dive and hope to get that ball free. More than once Horatio also stripped the ball off the player in the backfield to pick it up and go off to score. Why wouldn’t you take Strip Ball???

Level 4: Sure Feet
RW: Why Sure Feet? A free reroll on GFIs makes a lot of sense. Did you consider anything else? Did this come about from to many failed GFI’s leading to ko or injury? I could see a fling falling over being a big deal when you only have AV6 or worse AV5!

SBM: Sure Feet is always the first skill for any halfling on a normal roll. It is written and noted in the soon to be released Halfling Bible titled  “Monty’s Guide to Playing Flings and not Fucking Up”

Level 5: Sprint
RW: Why Sprint? Particularly over something like Side Step. I’m assuming you’re rolling normal skills at this stage. If you had rolled doubles what would you have taken?

SBM: Sprint because how many times do you throw a fling only to fall 1 square short??? Its like movement plus but with a dice roll included.  If I rolled doubles it would have been Block so if I did fall short he had more chance to survive a hit.

Level 6: Jump Up
RW: Why Jump Up? I guess you’re starting to run out of options with only Agility Skills to choose from. Was there anything else that appealed?

SBM: Jump Up I take because often a situation arises where the ball is loose in the backfield and I just need to land and grab it to score. With jump up it means a failed landing that isn't an armor break can be as good as a landing.

Level 7: Catch
RW: Why Catch? And I’m not even sure if there are any other Agility Skills left for you to choose! Was it literally the last thing left?

SBM: I had one more game to go and my viewers were bitching to me about taking Catch. I did it for the fans!!

Thanks Monty for your time and once again congratulations on being the first coach in ReBBL to get a Halfling to Legendary level.


- Road Warrior

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