Hey everyone! I wanted to take a moment over the holiday break and write a quick look at the 33 coaches who have signed up for minors and how the dice may fall. Let's start with a look by the numbers:

We are likely looking at 3 divisions. This likely isn't a surprise to anyone with the numbers of sign ups. The most sensible layout to me is an Americas Division, an Americas Lite Division, and a Euro Division. The coaches break down by race in the following photo:

I've taken the liberty of color coding the coaches into Americas Pacific, Americas Atlantic, and European Division in lilac, goldenrod, and evergreen respectively. Not terrible overall, the Euros are a little Elf heavy, both Americas divisions are pretty evenly spread with a few Dark Elves and Lizards in the Atlantic. The biggest issue you may have marked out is the spread of the 33 coaches. Americas Pacific has 9 coaches, Americas Atlantic has 11 (and is perfect), and Europe has 13 coaches. Simple fix, right? Just grab two Euro coaches and stick them in the Pacific. THIS DOESN'T WORK! Besides being a potential nightmare for Vorm, our lone UTC +10 Hawai'ian coach, a slant division would play much easier on time zones for MOST coaches, not all. So what would I do? I'd shift either the Necro or Undead coach and one of the Dark Elf coaches to the Pacific Division from the Atlantic, and either the Dark Elf or High Elf from UTC +0 and a wild card from UTC +0 to the Atlantic Division.

I expect divisions to shake out similar to this:

Coaches who I swapped in my projection:

SwampMist - Atlantic → Pacific

The first swap would see Swamp taking his Necro squad to the Pacific coast. This slot could also go to Aresem's Undead squad but I figured a college aged coach likely has the more flexible schedule (and I don't know how old Aresem is).

CartoonKarl - Atlantic → Pacific

I had this swap tagged to move one of the duped elves out of the Atlantic to make space for a Euro Elf to enter. When I was between Reznor and Karl, I realized that Swamp and Rez were both in Americas A for college so I wanted to keep them split and Karl got the second transfer tag.

JobeyObey - Euro → Atlantic

Jobey got tagged as my Euro Elf transfer. It was between him and Halligun but I just wanted to Euros to collect all the infinity stones different elves.

Hubster - Euro → Atlantic

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea who this second swap should be. I'm going to guess it is someone who asks to be in the Americas, but almost anyone you pull from the Euro Division hurts the diversity of teams outside of the Orcs, which would load up another Orc in the Atlantic (which I'm a fan of).

So what is the takehome Rand, why did you write this? Well, #1, I'm bored. #2 The offseason is killing me. Ultimately, the mods will do something to make me look silly but as I've proposed the divisions, the 12 playoff coaches remaining are split 4/3/5 and there are bunches of scary looking coaches coming out of the PSPU as well.


I'm hoping to write up or cast a Pre-Season Power Rankings for who I believe has the best TEAM, I won't look into who I think is the best coach in the preseason as tons of people have been playing, learning, and developing since we went into the off season. Happy Holidays, and I hope to mangle some of your teams soon!


-Rand (AKA TickleBump)

- Ticklebump

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