Welcome back to the Imperialism Map!

The rules are simple! You keep your land if you draw, you steal your opponents land if you win, you lose your land in humiliating defeat.



Take Aways for the Week:

  1. Jim Miranda jumps out to a 5 territory lead by owning 2 as a division champ, beating a division champ, and claiming the bounty on Illinois by scoring three times in one game on the same player. Jerk.
  2. Kitakaze, JobeyObey, and Viscardus are all tied at second with three territories.
  3. Audrey and BHagen both lose their territory but complete challenges to get new territory post match, Audrey claiming Nebraska with the first kill (first three kills technically) of the season and BHagen by getting a player sent off netting the combo of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.
  4. Lots of land is on the line in Europe when Ghaustos and Focus3d play.
  5. There are still territories up for grabs! Alaska for a blizzard TD, New England for injuring a big guy, and Kansas for a rock caused injury.
  6. BME has been awarded Maine as I forgot to give Reznor a territory. My bad.


That's all for now! Go build your empires, glorious minors coaches.


Rand AKA Ticklebump

- Ticklebump

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