Welcome back! Let's take a look at that sweet map.



All is quiet on the western front! Very little movement from our Americas Div. Viscardus manages to take down BHagen and grabs the trio of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, making him the new king of fist pumping, crab cakes, and... what is Delaware known for?


Mixed Division starts handing territories around. Jim Miranda grabs another territory taking down Gebro's Dinos (Mississippi). The bad week for Mixed Lizards continued with Dimmy Gee getting some territory back by downing BOONE's scaly boys and borders the original combo of Texas and Oklahoma (Arkansas and Missouri). FlippedToast makes a return after throwing a wrench in the engine of Swampmist's Moonlight Riders (Louisiana) and take their frozen mentality to Bourbon Street. BME collects another head and territory from Karl's Edgi Bois (Iowa). And welcome to the map Reznor (Alaska) who I initially forgot [again, my bad] but claimed the frozen northern state by being the first minors coach to score in a blizzard against Dr Dakka.


Europe had two developments, a territory flip in Kentucky from Hubster to Troy Tempest and his dwarves, taking up new residence after being evicted from the coal mines of West Virginia. The other bout consolidated Ghaustos' territory under the green banner of Focus3d and his wood elves (Virginia & Indiana).


More territory will be up for grabs week three and there are still bounties out for Kansas (injury with a rock in your game) and the conglomeration of New England states (Timber - Big guy injury in your game).





- Ticklebump

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