I regret to say that we have gotten off the a slow start. But a slow start is not no start. We can pick up the pace over the next few weeks to make a real different in REBBL!

And, hopefully, also produce some more content for me to include in my next report.

Speaking of that, we did have at least one memorable kill this week! An anonymous player of Cheesetactics MK.II has brought a timely end to Bitey Mcstabinslash, the titular Werewolf of Wallstreet!


Cheesex, the coach of Cheesetactics, has been silent on the identity of the Wolf's killer, quoting the recent mass bounting of players who claimed prizes during the Chorfening of last season. In absense of other information, I will cheese to believe that little baby Swiss IV did the deed, contributing to his team with every ounce of his Gobliny weight by uppercutting a Werewolf straight behind the shed where Zandra the Slayer was waiting.

And that's all we have from the last two weeks! Remember that in order to qualify for a bounty you must provide a screenshot or, better still, twitch clip. We at no fangs appreciate every Werewolf and Vampire hunter out there, but we cannot afford to fund them without verifying the kills.

Until next time, stay safe in the night and remember: Just say No Fangs


- Kaosubaloo

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