Domain: Luck, Destruction, Weather, and Trickery


Nuffle is the god of Blood Bowl and as such he enjoys competition. His moods, blessing, and wrath are all fickle. In fact the only thing widely known and accepted about Nuffle, (Even amongst is most ardent followers) is that he enjoys throwing gifts and punishment on anyone based solely on his whims.  Gifts, Curses, Sacrifices, and the like mean nothing to Nuffle.
Should you choose to welcome Nuffle in your life, you will feel the touch of Chaos added to you.
This Chaos is an illusion, for Nuffle is not a chaotic being… per say.

He has rules and a set of parameters he works within. There is just a lot of wiggle room within that set of parameters and Nuffle’s choice of when things will go left or when things will succeed have no rhyme or reason. Many theological sages have gone made trying to understand the mind of this god.

His Avatars take the form of a creature known as Admin. Admins will grant order to chaos in so much to facilitate the proper worship of Nuffle.

His Avatars are granted minor miracles and the ability to direct dozens if not hundreds of raving neophytes in the worship of Nuffle.

Destruction is a joy of Nuffle. He delights not in misery, but in the tearing of the old, to make way for the building of the new. He enjoys tampering with weather, though it is not a ‘first’ love. It is instead a ‘hobby’. Gods have them too. Trickery is also a minor hobby, having come from a universe that had strong chaotic influence, the energy still cackles around Nuffle.

Lastly Nuffle loves the concept of Luck. For it is at its core, the essence of the great god.

Clerics of Nuffle are expected to take the role of a referee in any sporting event they are asked. Of course they demand some form of sacrifice to Nuffle. Many believe that Blood is the only worthy sacrifice, but the truth is the great god Nuffle just demands something you love. So that the sacrifice is something the applicant once loved.

Blessings of Nuffle can be many, Punishments of Nuffle can be many as well.


- Ledeas

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