Obento - S9W3  

You can finally kick back, put your feet up and enjoy that fleeting moment of transition around the roll over. Some like to look forward and plan their upcoming round or enjoy the aftertaste of this week’s achievements. Others like to look around and glance curiously at other conferences.

For the curious, this is Obento: a weekly assortment, façon Big O. Brought to you by our expert recappers, here in the Big O. (More on them at the bottom).

Division 1: Our selection of timeless classics. For both first timers and connoisseurs.

Bash Incorporated (2410 TV Orcs) vs TARDIS (1470 TV Lizards)
On the one side, a team that piles on legends as fast as they’re piling on their opponents. On the other, a group of veteran reptiles in search of their new leader.
Verdict : 2-0 for TARDIS. Behind the punch, a mix of subtle and polished ingredients.

Safe Moves First (1920 TV Orcs) vs Doomed Witches (2110 TV Dark Elves)
A clash of opposites. Featuring : non starchy, cagey orcs pitted against offensive minded dark elves. An encounter between two division 2 coaches from last season.
Verdict: 1-0 for Doomed Witches. A swirl of strong, paradoxical flavors for a tight result.

Division 2: Our range of up-and-coming products, a mix of steady and adventurous flavours.

Rivendell Jets (1640 TV High Elves) vs Old Hobart Honeybadgers (1990 TV High Elves)
When two representants of the beautiful game face each other, expect your quota of dodges and long passes. Although not for everyone, a nonetheless reliable standard.
Verdict : 3-2. Do not be tricked by its subtle approach, this one could surprise you with its sting.

The Rat Way To Go (1480 TV Skavens) vs ReBBRL Yell (1600 TV Dark Elves)
One that could become a staple of our offer. A glimpse at two products still in maturation, but with promising potential. Two sides worth keeping an eye on.
Verdict : 3-1. A spicy mélange, for those who like it with some fizz.

Division 3: Our category of encouraging creations. Sometimes with a rougher finish.

School Of Dance (1750 Wood Elves) vs The Blessed Ratmen (1580 Skaven)
The return of another shock from last season. The first time offered an unexpected result. This time we kept our eyes open.
Verdict: 4-1. One side had a tendency to intercept the other’s contribution.

Liverfull (1540 TV Dwarves) vs Trump’s Chumps (1880 TV Nurgle)
A crunch, and some strong flavours; both coaches bringing their strongest punch to the table. Only one will overcome, but at what price ?
Verdict : 0-1 and a dead BoN. A rough experience for some.

Lettered Divisions (4A & 4B): Our experiment section. Not for the faint of heart.

Lecter's Brothers (1280 TV Dark Elves) vs Gods Of Fate (1360 TV High Elves)
An encounter that let us suppose sweeter aromas and subtle notes. Surprisingly rugged, with two elements conflicting harder on the pitch than expected.
Verdict : 0-1. A scrappy beginning.

Celebrity Vegetables 2.0 (1080 Kislev) vs Krakozhors (1140 orcs)
The marriage of a strong, sometimes salty, flavor from the North with everyone’s favorite green fungi. An unexpected, strong presence from the former.
Verdict : 2-1. Could this be the beginning of a new trend, as some predict ?

That’s it for this week.
If you cannot find the replays, try checking our Big O streamers channels for the VoDs. Full recaps are also available on our recappers channels : Krusader. Cynergy. Seriassam.
See you next week for your next bento selection.


- Zee

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