Obento - S9W4

If you missed the first iteration of "Obento", here's the gist : a weekly selection of the finest Big O flavours. To fight that lull surrounding the rollover, we offer you the most striking pieces the Big O had to offer this past week.
So grab yourself a drink, take a seat at the counter, and feast on this week's choice of dishes.

Division 1: Our selection of prime cuisine. For newcomers to delight at, and aficionados to revel in.

Warc Machine III (1320 Orc) vs Shadowhill Cowboys (1100 Dark Elves) - Non casted
Two hampered classics in search of renewal, working on imperfect line-ups. A possible answer to the eternal question: how to recreate yourself while staying at the top ?
Our verdict: A new take on a timeless classic, this time with a special twist.

Flying Rainbow Ponies (1470 High Elves) vs Bash Incorporate (2400 Orcs) - Casted by Papa
Imbalance was stated and imbalance was expected. In one corner a freshly promoted blend, vying for some room among the best. Facing them, an irrepressible mixture of green fungus.The the sempiternal opposition of the fist and the phoenix.
Our verdict: A crunchy dish with some oomph in it.

Division 2: A deep draft of both familiar and exotic flavours, almost at their apex.

Old Hobart Honeybadgers (2040 High Elves) vs The Rat Way To Go (1680 Skaven) - Non casted
When two different varieties of the finesse game meet up, you know you are in for a treat. Skaven potent runny cheese meets High Elves elaborate cuisine. A confluence always rich in aromas and surprises.
Our verdict: A true crowd pleaser, it will keep you on your toes until the end. My favorite this week.

The Arcana (1530 Pro Elves) vs Monty's Tosspots (1360 Halflings) - Casted by Tommo
When we say we say exotic, we deliver. You will not find Pro elves facing Halflings everywhere, friend; especially in such expert hands. Put your expectations aside, and dive right in.
Our verdict: A surprising opening, little rough, with a tight finish.

Division 3 : A foray into exploratory cooking, expect the unorthodox. 

Trump's Chumps (1860 Nurgle) vs Never Swapping (1630 Necromantic) - Casted by Cynergy 
Everybody's favourite noxious taste opposed to the mouldy with a hint of wet dog. A composition for the truly adventurous.
Our verdict: Proof that you can still be growing but already exhale of raw strength. Hold on to your hat with that one.

The Carroburg Comets (1640 Humans) vs The Scuffling Dead (1420 Necromantic) - Non casted
One rarely find some solid, old fashioned, human fare these days. Stronger or more exotic flavours seem to be all the rage. With reason ?
Our verdict: For those in want of some honest, hearty meal with none of that fancy cuisine.

Divisions 4: The backyard experiments, sign a disclaimer before trying.

Gullenheim Doozebags (1190 Helves) vs Cyrus's Viruses (1250 Nurgle) - Non casted
Nurgle cooking. You either like it or hate it, there is rarely room for a middle ground. But no one would deny it's potency.
Our verdict: Nurgle stink, even in its infancy, can be a strong and reliable ingredient if kept under control.

The Bizkit Rizkit (960 Goblins) vs Springfield '92 (1060 Underworld) - Non casted
When goblins have a face off against Underworld, it hardly gets more experimental than this. A serving of warpstone mutations and secret weapons, just for your pleasure.
Our verdict: A somewhat niche concept, with a strong hint of steel.

Disclaimer: this week's selection is entirely my own, no recappers have been harmed in the making of said selection. 

I cannot recommend you enough to follow the Big O casters' channels for regular, quality content.

  • UnholyKrusader: Coach of Muten Roshi's Bear School - Kislev team in Division 2. 
    Probably the  Big O's most famous Dumpster™ fire. Streams his own games, and any other he feels like (sometimes with play by play analysis). Place of recaps for Division 1 & 2 (S9).
  • Cynical Energy : Coach of The Nurgtown Crooners - Nurgle team in Division 3.
    Also known as Cynergy. A place of choice to enjoy some proper Nurgle or Undead action. Recaps for division 3 (S9) too. Tune in on the week-end for more chill gameplay.
  • Tommo : Coach of The Arcana - Pro Elves team in Division 2.
    Member of clan [O₂], as well as Cynergy. Casts his own Big O and Clan matches, plus the occasional one when available.
  • Seriasssam : Coach of the misleading Leaping Lizards - Lizards team in Division 3.
    Host for division 4A (S9) recaps. Streams his own matches as well as some other video games.
  • PapaNasty: Coach of the renowned Bash Incorporated - Orc team in Division 1.
    Will stream his own games (Big O or not), some Minors/College Big O related action and other games when available. 
  • SkyblueMonty: Coach of Monty's Tosspots - Halfling Team in Division 2.
    The mad genius tossing halflings like nobody before.

- Zee

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