Obento - S9W5

Let me tell you something about the Big O.
It is a territory where Summer and Winter co-exist.
It is a community three times smaller than any other conference, but stretched over two continents.
It is a wild land. Where legends, raw beauty and killers roam - sometimes side by side.  

But one could consume endless amounts of time and sanity in trying to explore the Big O boundaries and mysteries. And one should instead let the Big O speak for itself, and delve gratefully in its riches.

Division 1: First rate recipes for rookies and hardened veterans alike.

Tardis (1920 TV Lizards) vs Drakkar's Dominators (1930 TV Norse)
Scales opposed to beachwear. The Doctor against Snowballa. On each sides, subtlety mixed with raw power, fame and potential.
Verdict: Two of the most successful Big O elements put together for the pleasure of gourmets worldwide.

SAFE MOVES FIRST (1880 TV Orcs) vs TeenageMutantNinjaGoblins (1390 TV Underworld) - Casted by Krusader
Blood Bowl can always surprise you, even at the top. When non-starchy orcs face crushed warpstone addicts, expect the unexpected.
Verdict: Potential for a true classic. Some might argue it should be shown in Blood Bowl schools. 

Division 2: An alternative to the classics, but with room for the unusual.

The Arcana (1540 TV Pro Elves) vs Rivendell Jets (1680 TV High Elves) - Casted by Tommo
Two sides aiming to climb all the way to the top. A pledge to the beautiful game with its delicate swirls of flavors, either grounded or aerial ones.
Verdict: An encounter of two parts, for an intense finish.

Capital Rats (1930 TV Skaven) vs The Rat Way To Go (1720 TV Skaven)
Attention: intense skaven activity can lead to results bordering on insanity. Such mixture has been known to generate seizures among bash team coaches.
Verdict: Extreme levels of Skaven cheese - be warned.

Division 3: Promising flavors - often ripe, sometimes briny.

Da Git Mob (1610 TV Orcs) vs The Scuffling Dead (1190 TV Necromantic)
Necromantic are under the spolight this week. For this concoction, they're pitted against a classic: orcs.
Verdict: What could be considered a strong, solid result if not for the otherwordly twist.

Never Swapping (1460 TV Necromantic) vs The Nurgtown Crooners (1820 TV Nurgle) - Casted by cynergy
A redo of one of last week's picks. Last one was quite overwhelming and this one got people curious about the possible outcome.
Verdict:  Another robust result, although quite diferent from last week.

Divisions 4A&B :  Midnight snacks, the ones you'll feel guilty about.

Gods Of Fate (1490 TV High Elves) vs Queens of the memes (1400 TV Amazon)
A classic  high elf mix, on the rise, meeting with some rare, strong amazonian fare. 
Verdict: A good snack, if unbalanced by amazonian spice. Not the most common these days.

Clash Of Comrades (1010 TV Kislev) vs Stronk Icebreakers (1150 TV Norse)
Ahhhh. A special one to finish with. A dessert for those who like it cold.
Verdict: A frappé from up North, to bounce on your taste buds.

As before, check that selection of full range streamers to stay up-to-date with the Big O. 
Some of them have been harassed during the making of this article.

  • UnholyKrusader: Coach of Muten Roshi's Bear School - Kislev team in Division 2. 
    Probably the  Big O's most famous Dumpster™ fire. Streams his own games, and any other he feels like (sometimes with play by play analysis). Place of recaps for Division 1 & 2 (S9).
  • Cynical Energy : Coach of The Nurgtown Crooners - Nurgle team in Division 3.
    Also known as Cynergy. A place of choice to enjoy some proper Nurgle or Undead action. Recaps for division 3 (S9) too. Tune in on the week-end for more chill gameplay.
  • Tommo : Coach of The Arcana - Pro Elves team in Division 2.
    Member of clan [O₂], as well as Cynergy. Casts his own Big O and Clan matches, plus the occasional one when available.
  • Seriasssam : Coach of the misleading Leaping Lizards - Lizards team in Division 3.
    Host for division 4A (S9) recaps. Streams his own matches as well as some other video games.
  • PapaNasty: Coach of the renowned Bash Incorporated - Orc team in Division 1.
    Will stream his own games (Big O or not), some Minors/College Big O related action and other games when available. 
  • SkyblueMonty: Coach of Monty's Tosspots - Halfling Team in Division 2.
    The mad genius tossing halflings like nobody before.

- Zee

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