Obento - S9W6

As you push the curtain aside to enter the shop, you perceive a strange scent lingering in the air; an alien mix of otherwise familiar fragrances. The outside noises seem unexpectedly muted here, reduced to a pleasant hum in the background.
Inside, a handful of lanterns project a dim halo along a counter stretching on your left, dotted with a few stools here and there. From behind it, a man emerges in a cacophony of clings and clangs, armed with a funky looking rag. He waves you in, and points at the seats. When he speaks, his accent seems to come from three distinct countries altogether.
"Come in, come in. Have a seat. We're almost closed but I am sure I can accommodate you. What would please you ?"
You explain it is your third visit, and you would like to peruse again the weekly selection of bizarre dishes. The owner looks at you with a little smile, wiping the counter absently.
" Worked out some taste for it, is it ?  You know, it started as a little something whipped up on the corner of the counter, an amusement of sorts. Just my little hobby on the side. And now it looks like ... Well... Make yourself comfortable, I'll bring you the menu."
He dips back in the shadowy depths of his kitchen before floating up again to hand you a slate covered with strange markings.

Division 1: Our noble pièces de résistance, put together with the most rigorous criterias.

Doomed Witches (2300 TV Dark Elves) vs Bash Incorporated (2450 TV Orcs)
An immortal opposition of style. The density of orcish fare tangling with the eldritch swirls of dark elves' decoctions.
Outline: A timeless piece, to be savoured over and over again.

Bay Area Butchers (1800 TV Humans) vs Drakkar's Dominators (2130 TV Norse)
A proof that division one can produce its fair share of incongruity. Better served with a drink on the side, for maximum enjoyment.
Outline: A notable serving of madness, beware of intoxicating effects.

Division 2: A solid selection of side dishes, not afraid to stray of the beaten path.

Red Skulls Go Faster (1970 TV Orcs) vs Children Of Ymir (2140 TV Dwarves)
The possible answer to the unasked question : what happens when an immovable object meets an immovable object ?
Outline: Exceptional dwarf vintage meets your trustworthy orcish fare.

Old Hobart Honeybadgers (1930 TV High elves) vs The Arcana (1590 TV Pro Elves)
Some say that elvish cooking is unbalanced, some find it dull, other swear by it only. Here at Obento we are of the mind that no cuisine should be left behind.
Outline: An encounter of delicate zigs and subtle zags, with two proven artists at work.

Division 3: Our shelf of refreshing beverages, some still aging.

Never Swapping  (1660 TV Necromantics) vs School Of Dance (1850 Wood Elves)
An highly anticipated encounter between two of this season's favorites. Which would prevail between the tang of necromantic cooking and the airiness of wood elves cuisine ?
Outline: Intense until the last mouthful, will keep you breathless.

My Hopes and Dreams (1590 TV Dark Elves) vs Fork Tonnes (1510 TV Lizards)
Maybe not the most glamourous elements of our selection, not to be disregarded nonetheless. For enjoyment often stems from surprise.
Outline: An unforeseen cocktail, with its balance and twist.

Division 4A&B: Our tray of experimental desserts, for those with a real hankering

Lecter's Brothers (1280 TV Dark Elves) vs Bar Room Blusterers (1030 TV Wood Elves)
Early stage opposition between to closely related sides. For those who enjoy variations around a common theme.
Outline: Can the punch of dark chocolate drown the crunchiness of hazelnut ?

Celebrity Veg 2.0 (1240 TV Kislev) vs Khorne's Elf Experiment (1260 TV Pro Elves)
For those who wish to end on a livelier note. The pep of Kislev and the fizz of Elvish Union united for your pleasure.
Outline: Kislev against Pro Elves, always a rare sight, rarely boring.

Such selection wouldn't be possible without the work of our admins and casters. So, thank you. Again.

  • UnholyKrusader: Coach of Muten Roshi's Bear School - Kislev team in Division 2. 
    Probably Big O's most famous Dumpster™ fire. Political commissar to the local Kislevites. Streams his own games, and any other he feels like (sometimes with play by play analysis). Place of recaps for Division 1 & 2 (S9).
  • Cynical Energy : Coach of The Nurgtown Crooners - Nurgle team in Division 3.
    Also known as Cynergy, member of clan [O₂]. A place of choice to enjoy some proper Nurgle or Undead action. Recaps for division 3 (S9). Tune in on the week-end for more chill gameplay.
  • Tommo : Coach of The Arcana - Pro Elves team in Division 2.
    Member of clan [O₂], as well. Casts his own Big O and Clan matches, plus the occasional one when available and asked nicely.
  • Seriasssam : Coach of the misleadingly named Leaping Lizardss - Lizards team in Division 3.
    Host for division 4A (S9) recaps. Streams his own matches as well as some other video games.
  • PapaNasty: Coach of the renowned Bash Incorporated - Orc team in Division 1.
    Will stream his own games (Big O or not), some Minors/College Big O related action and other games when available. 
  • SkyblueMonty: Coach of Monty's Tosspots - Halfling Team in Division 2.
    The mad genius tossing Halflings like nobody before.

- Zee

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