Obento - S9W7

Your feet seem to know the way already. After all it is not your first time here. You do not get lost in the maze-like alleys any more. You can navigate without bumping into any perfidious washing machine or old bike lying in ambush. Arrived at your destination you notice that, behind the slightly frayed half-curtain, the sliding door is ajar and leads you into the now familiar place.
The owner greets you with a smile and points to the usual spot you occupy at the counter. On your way there, you notice that the back of the room is lit up today. A couple of lampoons similar to those of the counter bathe, with their diffuse light, a few small, square tables with assorted stools. A hunched shadow sitting at one table signals another visitor. This is the first time you catch a glimpse of another customer here.
"What will it be today ?" The owner wipes the counter in front of you, waiting for your reply.
"The usual." After all, if you wanted some more regular fare, you wouldn't take the pain to come here, would you ?
"Coming right up!" He sinks back behind his counter and starts rummaging around.
After a few rattles, squeaks and gurgles, he pops back up; in one hand: the slate/menu, in the other: a glass of beer he places in front of you.
"Draft. On the house." He winks at you and sets out towards the slouching form in the back. A discussion starts, too low for you to perceive anything more than a low hum.
 After a last look at them, you take a swig of the beer - cold, not too bitter, refreshing - and browse the menu for this week.

Division 1: The flagship of Big O's cuisine. Fundamentals brought up to the point of mastery.

TARDIS (1800 TV Lizard) vs Catastrophy (1720 TV Chaos)  - Recipe 
Top scaly mix facing the last remnants of Chaos. On paper, seemed like rather violent and bloody affair. On the pitch too apparently.
Outline: For meat lovers of all provenance, reptile and beef altogether.

Drakkar's Dominator (2070 TV Norse) vs Shadowhill Cowboys (1500 TV Dark Elves) - Recipe 
Two regular components in the short existence of Obento. What more to say than: when you have good quality ingredients, why pass on the opportunity to try different combinations ?
Outline: Everything we love in a Blood Bowl dish: violence, cunning, more violence and a pinch of luck.

Division 2: Recipes maybe not as established, yet pairing the customary with the irregular.

Muten Roshi's Bear School (2140 TV Kislev) vs Faces of 4Chan (1840 TV Nurgle) - Recipe 
The opposition of Kislev effervescence and Nurgle funk. A now regular feature, at different levels. A future Big O classic ?
Outline: A very promising start, but the Kislev ingredients didn't fare well on an open flame.

Monty's Tosspots (1270 Halflings) vs The Phobias Reborn (1690 Undead) - Recipe 
The famed home style, savoury cooking of Halflings encounters the no-less renowned Undead cold cuts. A meal that few offer.
Outline: A pleasing result, rich in contrasting flavors.

Division 3: Our marinades, not quite done yet but with some gifted, promising elements. 

Trump's Chumps (1460 TV Nurgle) vs The Carroburg Comets (1550 TV Humans) - Recipe 
Have a second serving of Nurgle, would you ? With some good, never out of fashion, Human fare. You'd be surprised.
Outline: Maybe not the most flamboyant item on the menu, but can pack a serious punch.

The Blessed Ratmen (1720 TV Skavens) vs My Hopes And Dreams (1520 TV Dark Elves) - Recipe 
Now, this is where we talk about flamboyant. Rat madness against Dark Elf scheming. Expect the unexpected.
Outline: A duel of tactical finesse doubled of a friendly teammate rivalry.

Division 4 A&B: The lab experiments. Expect new takes on classics and mad culinary forays.

Master Of The Underverce (1380 TV Underworld) vs Da Kahoonaz (1500 TV Orcs) - Recipe 
Subterranean warpstone and belligerent fungus. Not the recipe of black powder but sometimes can be as explosive.
Outline: While everyone expected one side to suffer, nobody expected both to be devastated.

The Bizkit Rizkitz (1000 TV Goblins) vs Khorne's Elf Experiment (1290 TV Pro Elves)  - Recipe 
A new take aiming to reveal Pro Elves brutality, facing the trial of Goblin playfulness.
Outline: A chance for Pro Elves' fare to step up, and up. And away ?


This weekly piece, with its qualities and short comings, wouldn't be possible without many other contributions. Hence the following words of gratitude: to the admins, technicians, recappers, writers and coaches for taking on their time to make ReBBL a splendid place to enjoy our Blood Bowl hobby.

More specific and personal thanks, in alphabetical order:

  • Cynergy: Member of [O₂] clan. Coach of "The Nurgtown Crooners". Big O streamer. Recapper of division 3. CCL experimenter. Terror of Harvest Snaps. Sometimes confused with a Canuck.
  • Fyrs: Coach of "Saturday Night Femur". Offers commentary-free brodcasts of some ReBBL games when available. Recent arrival but active coach in the Big O community and around. 
  • Gypsy Prince: Coach of "One Punch Ogre". REL streamer. Our editor-in-chief here at the news section, always working on offering us better tools and looking for new recruits. Many thanks for enduring me.
  • Krusader: Leader of [bOot] clan. Coach of "Muten Roshi Bear's School". Big O streamer. Recapper of divisions 1&2. Kislev political commissar to the ReBBL, and much, much more. 
  • Majorbyte: Coach of "Âlve". The tireless worker behind ReBBL.net, without which present article would simply not exist. Hat off.
  • PapaNasty: Member of [O] clan, coach of "Bash Incorporated". Big O streamer. Offers late games streams and always up for good advice as many experienced ReBBL coaches can be.
  • Schlice: Member of [O₂] clan. Coach of the "Ratfuckers United". The person you have to thank every time you check the play-offs brackets and the weekly match summaries. Many deserved thanks.
  • Seriasssam: Member of clan [HrsY]. Coach of "Leaping Lizardss". Big O Streamer. Recapper of division 4A. A recent and active addition to the community as well.
  • Tommo: Member of [O₂] clan. Coach of "The Arcana". Big O Streamer. Talented Elf coach and passionate streamer. Not often online, so do not miss him.

- Zee

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