There is lot of talk about Open Intivational being bash fest and there is little to no point for AGI/AV7 team to participate as they have more to lose than gain. My personal feeling was, that lof of the opinions is based either on subjective personal experience or being hyperbolled. So I decided to take a look at the last OI, crunch the numbers, and give everyone better idea about whether the above opinions are fact based or feeling based.

So lets start with something simple and difficult to spin in anyones favor.

Open Invitational the Fourth
Games played 212
Teams involved 155
Players died 108
Players permanently damaged 107
SPP lost (dead+permanently damaged) 3594
SPP gained 6023
SPP difference +2425

Generaly speaking the 155 teams netted 2425 SPPs across all the games which is 11.5 net SPP per game (28 SPP brutto). On the other hand there was in average 1 player dead or permanently damaged per 1 game.

Teams that joined Open Invitational

Team type Count Count [%] Dead/ Permed Dead/ Permed [%] Dead/ Permed XP D/P XP [%] XP+ XP+ [%]
Bash (AV8+) 94 60% 121 56% 2314 64.5% 3558 59%
AGI/AV7 46 29.5% 80 37% 1098 30.5% 2026 33.5%
Stunty 4 2.5% 10 4.5% 41 1% 185 3%
Vamp/Kislev 11 7% 8 3.5% 141 4% 254 4.5%

Looking at those numbers tells me that neither of the team type was seriously advantaged/dissadvantaged during the OI. While the AGI/AV7 shows higher amount of permed/dead players if we look at the experience of those players the nicely evens out. On the other hand the bash team lost percentually more experience as when comapred to their participation. Every single type of the teams gained more than they lost in the OI.

Teams that joined Season 9 (446)

Team type Count [%]
Bash (AV8+) 260 58%
AGI/AV7 147 33%
Stunty 17 4%
Vamp/Kislev 22 5%

Despite bad name of OI for AGI/AV7 teams it had only minor effect on their participation. 33% in season 9 vs 29.5% in OI.

Teams in OI

Team Count
Amazon 2
Bretonnia 2
Chaos 14
ChaosDwarf 13
DarkElf 5
Dwarf 5
Halfling 1
HighElf 6
Human 5
Khemri 7
Kislev 5
Lizardman 13
Necromantic 8
Norse 5
Nurgle 12
Ogre 3
Orc 12
ProElf 4
Skaven 9
Undead 3
Underworld 2
Vampire 6
WoodElf 13

So after some statistical numbers lets look at the teams that took the biggest losses

By D/P count

Team D/P XP lost  
Alve (Norse) 7 291 2x100+ SPP Runners and 1 berserker
High Sails (Wood Elf) 5 8 3x Journeymans
Gotta Catch Em AIl (Nurgle) 5 36 Bears + 4 rotters
Definitely Not A Zoo (Und) 5 8 4 Gobos and linerat

By XP lost

Team D/P XP lost  
Alve (Norse) 7 291 152 SPP Runner dead, another 100+ SPP Runner broken, alogn with rookie Berserker
AnimalFarm (Chaos) 2 240 226 SPP Chaos Warrior Movement busted
Warc Machine III (Orc) 4 190 116 SPP Blitzer AV busted, 50 SPP BoB AV busted, BoB dead
The One True Path (Chaos) 4 126 3 level 4 beastman stat busted
Drop Dead Gore Juice (Necro) 4 126 Level 6 Wight armor busted
You're a lizard, 'Arry! (Lizards) 3 115 Level 6 Saurus dead
Shadowhill Cowboys (DarkElf) 4 97 2 dead L4/L3 Blitzers and dead guard Lineman
Black & Wrecker (ChaosDwarf) 1 90 Dead Level 6 Bullcentaur
Rocky Road Warriors (Bretts) 2 84 Dead Level 6 Blitzer
Drakkar's Dominators (Norse) 4 83  
Cantakerous Cretaceans (Lizard) 4 82  
Ratskin Cracker Wreckerz (Skaven) 3 65  
The 08th MS Team (Vampire) 1 64  
Da Waagh Tigerz (Orc) 1 63  
Bane of the Living (Undead) 1 62  
Hufflepuff Heroes (Khemri) 2 60  
Drakwald Daylaborers (Human) 1 58  
Oil Miners (Dwarf) 2 56  
Memeland Bashers (ChaosDwarf) 2 54  
Deustuko Chorfs(ChaosDwarf) 4 54  
Pink Power Puftah (Necro) 1 53  
YOU Worship Chaos (Norse) 2 52  
Scooby and the Gang (Necro) 2 51  

So while one Norse team took quite a beating. In the list of lost SPPs in the TOP 23 teams there are 3 Norse teams, 1 Vampire, 1 Skaven and 1 DarkElf. Remaining 17 was bash oriented.


Based on the above I would say that the OI get much worse name than it really deserves. The AGI/AV7 are not really getting the short end of the stick as one would believe reading all the talks about the OI. This is however my own interpretation of the data. If you want to do your own you can hack at it:

Game results

Team statistics

Player statistics

And my parting meme:



sbdwiggi had very good point about the drops being taken into account in the above numbers. So I collected:

Average games played by each team type

Team type Average Games
Bash (AV8+) 2.78
AGI/AV7 2.85
Stunty 3.25
Vamp/Kislev 2.22

Seems that AGI/AV7 teams played the most of the games in average. However the difference is negligible.

- TomasT

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