The Pixel Hugger is a person that has some level of emotional attachement to a digitial character or thing in a game that has the ability to be destroyed within the game.

It is said with an intent of sarcasm and mockery. The sentence of "He was such a pixel hugger that he went full tilt when his favorite level 5 Blitzer was fouled to death on turn 5".

I say to you today dear reader that if you fall into the catagory of mocking the pixel hugger you are missing out. Hug the pixel, love the pixel. For the pixel is in a way an extention of you.

Let us look at our favorite pasttime of Blood Bowl. In the general format of the Rebbl, we watch teams that work their way through 13 games a 'season' and then if they make the playoffs they continue said story. If they do not, they are given the chance to write bonus stories in the 'Devistational' or other side things as the league tries out ideas and growth.

A team that has lived through four season is a team a coach has played for a year. A year of a weekly commitment; a year of team building, planning, and playing!
The possibility of spending 52 hours with a digital team is more time than some people get to spend with their children in a year. Pixel Hugging is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of commitment.

Now Blood Bowl is a game of grief and explosive excitement. 1d6 can create a pattern. 2d6 creates a level of uncertainty. ALLd6 is a grief engine and Blood Bowl takes that engine and moves down the bloody track of destroying all that every one loves.

Pixel Hugging is a fallacy. One cannot love the digital circus because the circus will leave town. And by leave town I mean get surfed on a 2 red die blitzing human catcher that should have statistically found the lost city of Atlantis first, BUT I DIGRESS!
Dice will be rolled. Dice will happen. ALL injury rolls are 2d6 and a 10+ is needed without any modifiers of Mighty Blow, Niggle, Stunty, or it being a Tuesday and you know... Tuesdays do that stuff to you. 16.7% chance for that 10+, same odds as rolling the 6 for that dodge, same odds as rolling the Defender Down needed to smack the Blodge Elven God in the first place. 1 in 6. Every Armor Break is 1 in 6 chance to injure you Favorite hero.
Then it is a 1 in 6 chance to roll a death. Because it is 1d6 + 1d8 to create a number from 11 to 68. Read the D6 as the Tens and the D8 as Ones. And that is that. Random sixes falling on the board game of life that takes away the last 41 weeks of commitment, effort, and growth. Gone in 3.8 seconds worth of animation IF you bothered to leave the animation on.

There is the crux of the Pixel Hugger. It is not the digital player that they lament. I say it is the time and effort they put into a game. The idea that not only can random dice do what random dice do. That there are other people willing and wanting to spend their time and effort to create ways to improve the ability to destroy what others create. Some do really just want to watch the world burn.

So to the Pixel Hugger I say to you... With a heavy heart and salt flavored experience, "It is just a game." and "Don't play Darkest Dungeon". It will not soothe the loss but as Rebbl grows, new formats are being invented and experimented with. The Elven League is Rez Format. The Immortal League is Rez Format. Perhaps more will find its way into the halls of Rebbl gamming.

For the person that looks at the Pixel Hugger and sees a tasty treat waiting to be snatched from the Scheduling Tree, thrown to the ground in a 3d blocking frenzy, then smashed with a 3 turn fouling cycle... I say to you. Carry on. Play your game the way you do. But remember, everytime you mock a Pixel Hugger, you mock the very person that made your game better. You mocked the person that brought you joy.

- Ledeas

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