Recappers start spending most of their videos on point calculations and conjectures. Three conferences resonate with the rustle of spreadsheets. Names change color in Discord. It is that time of the season: here come the play-offs again.
To help ramp up the tension this season, Metal and the admins blessed us with the play-ins. So that the vast majority of us can watch the folks out of the lettered divisions go at it and pre-warm the sandy ground of the arena with their blood.
If that is still not enough for you, check this out. For season 10 you can also look forward to some extra spice in your play-offs with the introduction of the play-offs achievements.

The idea is simple. While 64 coaches will jump into the shark tank that are the play-offs, only one will come out victorious with the title, and 63 others will sink back into the relative anonymity of ReBBL coaches. Which is kind of the point you might say, but still kind of frustrating to most of the other coaches, starting with the runner-up.
Not anymore! With the introduction of the play-offs achievement, you too can carve your name in a corner of the ReBBL!

Aiming to promote high quality play, and take note of freak situations, these achievements will be dealt out at the end of the play-offs to coaches who meet the criteria. By who? Mostly me, using my favourite tracking system (pen and post-its), and a jury of experts when needed. 

A total of 55 achievements have been designed, some rather straightforward, others devilishly hard to get. Said achievements are split in three categories: classicsthe runone-game wonders. Most of them will never be revealed as to not influence coaches in their play-offs approach. But, to give you and idea of what to expect, here is a taster.

The Classics.
In this category you will find the accolades one can expect at the end of any knock-out competition. Besides celebrating the seasonal hero, you can also expect to find...

Close But No Cigar
Awarded to the runner-up
In another universe we all know you won that game.

King Of The Endzone
Awarded to the team scoring the highest number of TD
Some live only for that furthest yard.

Put That Replay On Loop
Awarded to the best play of the play-offs (by a Jury of Experts)
Some will still talk about it in 12 seasons.

Awarded for being crowned champion while being undefeated in Clan
Now, that’s the stuff of legend. 

The Run
In this category accolades will be awarded in relation to coaches trajectory in the play-offs. So you can expect to find titles such as these...

Triple Scalp
Awarded to any coach having beat opponents from the 3 conferences during the playoffs
Beatings Without Borders.

You Should See The Other Guys
Award to the team having taken the worst beating but still coming back the following season
Who needs teeth anyway?

On The Clock
Awarded to any coach winning 3 games under an hour (Original idea by Gerbear) 
Gotta go fast!

One Down, Five To Go
Award to any Stunty team making it to Ro32
Because nobody expect the Stunties.

One Game Wonders
In this category awards will be distributed to recognize amazing plays and freak situations that can happen in the course of a single game, such as ...

All Safe!
Awarded to the coach winning a match despite being pitch cleared.
Some need no boots on the pitch to win a battle.

No Fly Zone
Awarded to the coach managing 3 Interceptions in one game.
Stop passing. Just stop it.

Crowd Displeaser
Awarded to a coach for having suffered from Pitch Invasion, Thrown Rock and being surfed in one single match.
They’re definitely out to get you.

Sponsored by Cinder
Awarded for killing -dead- one or more players with a Bolt or Fireball.
Cinder: Coup de Foudre on a 2+

The present list of achievements was made by yours truly with the help, suggestions and constructive criticism of other coaches such as: Dreamifi, Chabxuu, Gerbear, XS, and others I probably unfortunately forgot but still have my deepest gratitude.
The list is of course destined to grow and expand, and with experience some attributing criteria will probably be modified. But the goal will still remain the same: give more than one coach each season some foundations for bragging rights when it comes to play-offs, and ReBBL history.

Thank you for reading, now go get them!

- Zee

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Great as always Zee!! - WaitHoldMyBeer

Cheers, I wish I could have revealed the whole list at once but I wouldn't want to skew any game. - Zee

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