Hello GMAN,

As few of you know we are approaching the start of Season 10. The rest of you will find out soon enough, desperately trying to join division only to figuring out it is full and wondering if you can still join. The same old beginning of new season, fun stuff that happens every single time. For most of you, this is the time when the hype-o-meter goes off the charts due to the anticipation of your division placement, your new opponents and the restored hope to get that elusive playoff spot this time around. I know I will.

For those of you that are kicking with us for some time, the Player Team Of The Week is not a new thing. We are trying to keep tradition to celebrate the 5 best players from all GMAN teams every week in semi-serious, semi-funny write up. How do we select these 5 victims you may ask? In the past we used the Fantasy Point system (FaPs) developed by Schlice and incorporated into the bot report that you must have seen flying around in discord GMAN chat. Despite Schlice tried to make the system balanced, last season proved there were some kind of players and actions that were highly favoured. And since I grew a bit tired to write all the time about skaven and underworld blitzers, and Razta’s passing goats, I decided to try new approach in the best players selection.

I am sure you are all dying to know what is going to be the method, right?. For those who survived this far let me present you TTs. (based on the inventor initials and pronounced exactly as you would think it would be pronounced)

So what are these TTs? TTs are replacement for FaPs. Are you groaning yet? Good. That was just a little insight about the type of writing you can expect from me in the Player Team Of The Week. And you can be sure I will beat that pun to death, revive it, and then beat it to death again.

The main difference between FaPs and TTs is that FaPs have a fixed amount of point for every action, no matter how the action was likely for the given player. I am trying to circumvent that with TTs and I hope it will bring some previously unfavoured players on the pedestals and make this more fun to other than Skaven, UW and Dark Elf coaches.

I am not going to give you an exact recipe on how to cook the perfect TTs record, in the futile effort to prevent Razta exploiting it, but here is the rough idea:

  • Touchdown points will be weighted by the player movement allowance. The slower the scoring player is, the more points he will get

  • Touchdowns will have significantly higher points assigned than passes/catches

  • Passes and catches will yield more points the lower the agility of the player is. Get that Khemri passes in for the sweet, sweet TTs

  • Armor breaks and injuries will be weighted by the killstack of the player. The more kill skills the less points you get. Nothing changes the outcome of the match as random kill.

  • Surfs will count more for players that have no frenzy

  • You get the idea now.

As well please be aware that that while I will try to get the system tuned before start of the new season, some further tuning is still to be expected. Which is another reason I do not want to give the exact math away. It does not exists yet!!!

I am looking forward to playing another season with you wonderful bunch. There is plenty of great coaches and great people around here and I thoroughly "enjoy" annoying you with my insights. So while I wanted to take a break from this, the Nufflie you decided to award me created enough pressure on me to continue a little bit more. So strap in and make sure you have your anti-vomit pills at hand when reading Player Team Of The Week.

Yours TT

- TomasT

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