MO: - Hello and good evening ReBBL, this is Michael Orwell from Sad Fast Land Stadium, home field of Gloom and Zoom. I'm here to bring you an exciting match between Ficction's Necros and Tommytootall Welves.

MO: - The match starts with the ball on the Welves hands, a team with a Wizard in the back pocket. The Elves drive did not started as expected with a fail short pass that Gloom and Zoom used to start an early pressure. The Elves started to dance from the center to the right side of their offense, but it seemed that Nuffle was not on their side as so many completely natural and easy movements by the Elves were just not working out. The Tree got stuck on the field, the KO's started to pile, and rather easily Speedo blitzed the ball carrier and put the ball outfield, He paid this with a surf. This was well worth since, as all the Elves tried this evening, they could not picked the ball when the fans throw it back and with that, the Necro were able to stop the Elves offense.

MO: - The Second half starts with an almost full Elf team, but the ball would be in the Necro's hands. Even with the Wizard still there, retrieving the ball would not be an easy task. A short kick that could had been catastrophic for the Necro was easily countered by a Quick Snap, the Elves were not only not elfing enough, but they weren't even paying attention. At this point PrompterPain decided to give the Elves a chance, by failing an easy pick up that allow the Elves to recover, suddenly all their elvish blood started to pump and they easily dodged, jumped and retrieve the ball, but they were really exposed and Speedo did not allow for the situation to last long. Seconds later Flasher took the ball and run forward, but with little to no help the ball did not stood long on his hands.

A well placed bolt put Flashed down and the ball on the pitch once again, after a lot of elfing, they picked the ball and punted down field. Ball on the ground, it was only a matter of moving one ghoul away to retrieve the ball and score, but yet again the Dancers of this team failed his coach and now, with only minutes left on the clock, Gloom and Zoom finally could form a screen and secure the ball. A long run secured the score for the Necro in the last seconds of the match. With only the kickoff return to play, the Elves went for the miracle, but a pitch invasion made it impossible.

MO: - We are going to catch a few words with Coach Tommytootall before he leaves the pitch... Seems the Coach is unwilling to answer a few questions, so we will just go to the winner's press conference...

MO: - We are here with Coach Ficction, Coach your team once again won, but I need to ask you, last week you said that removals would be the key of this match, and you hardly got any, and we saw a chaotic gameplay from your team, what can you tell us about this?

Ficction: - The Elves had quite the blessings of the forest on them and their armour for certain. But it seemed they forgot to tie their shoelaces at times. Overall I'd say the game played out as back and forth as you could get, but I think we won because we made the better choices.

MO: - Talking about that, we did saw a distinctive lack of grace from the Elves, this certainly did your job easy, but even then, there were several moments when they could had scored. Don't you think your boys relaxed a bit when they saw their opponents were failing fairly easy actions?

Ficction: - I feel we managed something incredible. One of the fastest and squirmiest of elves I've ever seen was on that pitch. The kind that looked like he could throw the ball from end to end with pinpoint precision, or just run the whole thing himself in about 12 seconds. And yet we managed to stop the elfs from scoring a single touchdown!

Now I'm not sure how much credit of that can go to us, but I'm happy taking some of it at least. We had our guard up the whole time, knowing that at any moment the enemy team could have tried a sneaky play to slip around us and into the endzone. Watching the elfs fall on their ass quite a few times certainly helped relax the teams nerves though.

MO: - Looking to your next match, you are going to leave your home field and fans behind, and face the last World Champion Coach Ornan and his fierce and rather unpredictable New Year Norse, what can you tell us about them?

Ficction: - We're well familiar with the New Year Norse. We've had mixed success vs them in the past. Lost the last match we faced in the regular season. But I do feel confident we can get the W on em. I'm not sure if we're gonna have to go for damage or try to outrun em and rack up the points, but either way I feel my boys have the skills for either case.

MO: - And finally, any message to the fans that are waiting for this run to be the cherry on top of the cake for this team?

Ficction: - Thank you for sticking around with us for so long. We've had a helluva ride and we're looking to close it out with a championship.

MO: - There you have it Gypsy, and Elf team that found itself in the wrong side of Nuffle and paid for it and a Necro team that after this match will have to face one of the top contenders and fierce opponent. Is this team ready for the challenge, only time will tell.

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This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.

- Incesticide

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