MO: - Hello and good evening ReBBL, this is Michael Orwell from Sad Fast Land Stadium, homefield of Gloom and Zoom. In this cold and rainy evening we were able to watch a match that can be described as a chess match. A mirror game between two well developed Necromantic teams.

MO: - The first half started with Gloom and Zoom in offense, Bright Moon Poets decided to set up a scrum in the middle of the field, using the numerical advantage on their favor, pushing back and forth, with little success on either side. Anxiety started to rise as the minutes passed. Speedo found himself caught in the middle of the opposing team and with that, a desperate push forward to protect him started. Half way through the first half, Gloom and Zoom baited a blitz, by letting their ball carrier exposed, but without a clear way to recover the ball afterwards. The bait was taken, but it failed. this little mistake gave Ficction's boys all the margin they needed to position themselves for an easy TD.

MO: - The second half started similar as the end of the first. Seeing themselves down 1-0, Bright Moon Poets seemed nervous and without a clear objective. From this point forward the Gloom and Zoom experience took command and the defense started to strangle the Bright Moon Poets offense. Slowly but without stop the noose became tighter, the pressure finally collapsed the offensive drive, and with that Gloom and Zoom secured the win with a second TD.

MO: - We are going to get some words from Alpaca Rider...

MO: - Well Gypsy, we are here with Coach Alpaca Rider, first of all I wanna say, that was a great effort from you and your boys; and wanted to ask you, what was your game plan coming to the match?

Alpaca Rider: - Well, I knew that his team has access to a few very powerful star players, so I had to come with a plan to make my own star players feel comfortable and supported by the rest of the team.I could see that his mighty werewolves would pose a problem when it comes to keeping my boys in the field, and that was a problem I thought carefully about. My guts told me that a wizard could help knocking over the ball carrier, and Denis could use his well known flexibility to get into the zone and retrieve the ball for the team

But... how is that going to work after a few turns of merciless bashing from his strong players? So I decided to hire an extra zombie and get some sort of present for the referee, you know, get to know each other, have some friendly relationship...I told Tom the Vanguard that he was the key player this game, he would need to make sure that once a player hit the ground it wouldn't stand up.

MO: - Well coach, going into the match itself, in the first half we did saw your game plan developing as planned, you pinned them down, start smacking Speedo and hold them under control. What happened in that attempt to blitz the ballcarrier, was your call or your players became overeager?

Alpaca Rider: - Well, it was all going well, but at one point both of my flesh golems got a bit nervous and took incorrect decisions about when to hold their ground and when to let the rivals advance to get them in range of their teammates.The rest of the team was a bit confused, and I started yelling orders at them in what probably wasn't the best way to recover control.

In the end I sent poor Denis into the ball carrier in an attempt to force a mistake, hoping for a quick touchdown with a few turns for my boys to equalize, but my decision ended up costing Denis an unnecessary encounter with the fans, never a pleasant thing.He was pretty upset in the dressing room, he kicked a bucket of water when we entered, and he asked me to go talk to the fans myself next time.He pointed out that we would have had a better chance by repositioning the whole team and going for the ball carrier the turn after, and you know? He was completely right.

MO: - Coming to the second half, we did notice your team more nervous and impatient, you think yours and their inexperience took a toll on your team?

Alpaca Rider: - Yeah, that was probably a factor.

At the start of the second half we had talked about giving Gregor the Cadaverous (a particularly dodgy flesh golem) a chance to blitz Catatonia Momentum, their star killer Wight. However, my boys were probably too excited, and they couldn't manage to create a safe opening for Gregor. They seemed to understand that it wasn't going to happen, when all of a sudden Stein the Haunter, the other flesh golem, decided to follow a block and get into the appointed position to support Gregor in the blitz. A blitz that wasn't going to happen.

That left the team out of position, and it gave Gloom & Zoom a good chance to retaliate, and they did. Definitely have to keep an eye on those kind of in-the-pitch decisions for next season, the team should be able to recognize when to abort a plan.

Oh, it was a rough battle, my players were fighting hard, doing their best, even if forgetting all about tactics and good positioning.But it wasn't bound to last. 

All in all it was a game decided by the little things, and in those little details Ficction proved to be the better coach, unfortunately, as he took the right decisions most of the time while I fumbled more than I'd like to admit.

MO: - Finally coach, this was your team first experience on play off, what do you think you and your boys take from this experience?

Alpaca Rider: - Well, as we always say, we are in ReBBL to have the chance to play against stronger opponents. That's the only way to become stronger ourselves! So we are pretty happy to have enjoyed a good season, full of intense and well fought games.

No doubt we would have liked to go further, but I feel that today we as a team were outplayed by our opponents, so we can only take the loss, learn from it, and try to come back stronger next season.

Despite Denis' anger at mid-time, the boys managed to end the game without a scratch. They are ready for more action!

MO: - An articulated Coach explaining the match and accepting their own shortcomings, and for this reporter, this kind of mentality is the one that leads to greatness, I wish them only the best. And now to the press conference with the winners...

MO: - We are here with Coach Ficction after this great victory, Coach, tell us, did the match evolved as you expected?

Ficction: - The match went down as I hoped it would, but not necessarily as I expected. We were hitting 'em left right and center but with barely any damage for a good while. It wasn't until a bit later in the game did the snowball start rolling, well after the first TD.

MO: - Talking about that, the game started with a big scrum on the middle of the field, and in that Speedo got caught and bashed and stomped repeatedly, did you feared the worst?

Ficction: - I knew it was a risk sending him into the thick of it so early, unfortunately he didn't manage to actually knock over the golem. So obviously this lead to him getting punched out of position, quite smartly by the other coach. I knew i had to commit to a scrum around him to try to make sure he didn't get too good a foul in there, and hopefully give him enough support for an opening he could bust out on

Which he did! The golem decided it would be better to get pushed back at one point which let a small opening take place for the rookie ghoul and some other players to not only get Speedo out of there, but also to take a huge chunk into the field! Went for 0 ground gained to scoring position off 1 little difference.

MO: - Your teams are know for their excellent field position and strategic approaches to the match, what happened in that first half that allowed the Bright Moon Poets to get a shot on your ballcarrier?

Ficction: - It was more of a bait than an actual shot. I knew there was a chance he could get at him, but it was either that or sacrifice a bunch of punches. Sometimes you gotta let the opponent try something risky and capitalize on it.

MO: - I see, a controlled risk, it worked because after that the path to your TD was clear. The Second half showed your team in full control, you think the inexperience of your opponent team took a toll on them?

Ficction: - It looked like he might've got a bit flustered at the amount of pressure I could put on him. I could be wrong, but I believe most coaches feel stronger on defense. Sure offense means you control who and where you punch, but defense you control where the opponent is allowed to move.

MO: - Looking towards the future, your team is gonna face Thus with a Kiss I die, a wood elves team, what can you tells us about them and your approach to the match?

Ficction: - Well, Wood Elves are a tricky bunch. Honestly it comes down to injuring the right players and making sure they can't outrun the wolves. If we misposition, it could be over quick.

MO: - and Coach, this might be a bit tricky for you, but we know that you already signed a contract with Brick and Mortary, and you are going to leave this team at the end of this run, don't you think that this might hurt your players confidence in you?

Ficction: - Oh the team will still be around, just more playing exhibitions are tournaments. I just think it's time for Speedo to have a break. As you know, REBBL doesn't have a retirement plan. It's either you die or you get kicked to the curb. But I am rather excited to bring up some new blood again, really whip some rookies into shape. I love that shit. Turning a group of ragtag nobodies into superstars!

MO: - This is all from Sad Fast Land Stadium, we got a feast of strategy and position, and a reminder that experience has it worth. We only hope that this quality of gameplay only gets increases as the rounds pass by.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying Goodnight ReBBL.

- Incesticide

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