MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell. We are in the recently inaugurated "Negative Creep" training facilities, early today we were able to see all 3 teams that this franchise sponsor [Primal Concrete Sledge(REL), Gnostic Knights(Cripple Cup) and Angels of Repentance(Chaos Cup)] training, there was a 4th team but the PR people ask us to not reveal anything about them, but I'm pretty sure is the team that will join the HJM Cup.

MO: - Gypsy, we should proceed to what we are here for, the end of the season press conference.

Owner: - Hello and welcome everybody, we are thankful and glad that you can join us for this event. We gather you here for a brief report of this franchise season and the future that await us.

Owner: - I will like to start saying that our decision to enter the ReBBL after the events that lead to the creation of Primal Concrete Sledge, was a huge success, not only for me, but for this town, and for the future of the franchise. We were able to expand our stadium 2 times this season, build a state of the art training center and not only field a team for the main league, but get 2 other teams for the seasonal ReBBL cups, all of them with huge success.

Owner: - Our plan for the future is to field a 4th team for the upcoming HJM Cup and keep all the teams we already have. We are satisfied with the path we took and we want to continue it. Now I want to give the floor to the Head Coach and mastermind of this growth, Incesticide.

Incesticide: - Thank you all for coming, I want to be brief, so I can have time for all your questions, let me just said that I'm please with this year performance, all our teams performed well, PCS getting into Swiss A and both our Cup teams going into the winners brackets. We hope to keep improving and start fighting for championships and promotions no later than next season. And now I will answer some questions...

MO: - Hello Coach Incesticide, at the begging of the season we hear you said that you were here for the championship, then later you started to talk about development and the future of the franchise, what happened?

Incesticide: - Well Michael, we were brought down to reality. We started in great shape, so hope was high and I wanted to encourage that spirit, then the weeks passed and reality made impossible to keep that position without losing the respect of the fans and mostly the players.

MO: - And what about the fans saying that you spread to thin, coaching 3 teams, we even saw a 4th early this morning, do you even have time for the main team and the reason all this is possible?

Incesticide: - Not only I think this is the right decision, but the result speak for themselves, Primal Concrete Sledge got to Swiss A, we wanted to get into the play-ins, but was a good result, and both Gnostic Knights and Angels of Repentance got into the winners bracket, quite an accomplishment for fresh teams in a none traditional format. We are proud of our results and I think the fans of this franchise should be.

MO: - Is the team planning to join the Open Invitational, and do you know in which division you will land next season?

Incesticide: - With the support of the League, sending us highly skilled apothecary to help Azazel to deal with any fatalities, we feel confident that the off season will bring us the necessary training for the upcoming season, I don't know where we are going to land, there are some rumors here and there, but I think is better just wait and see how the chips fall.

MO: - And about the transfer market for Primal Concrete Sledge, there is anything that you can tell us?

Incesticide: - We prefer to keep it in secret, there are good players on the market, and we will evaluate our roster and needs when we end with the Open Invitational.

I think this is all the time I have, thank you all for coming and enjoy the party, is going to be a wild one.

MO: - Well Gypsy, this is all from River Plate, only time will tell if the joy that envolves this room will continue through out the next season, or is this is just a pipe dream, for now I will just enjoy the party.

for RNN

this is Michael Orwell saying, until next season and goodnight.

- Incesticide

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