Just wanted to rant about Day 1 of the Rabble Mix League.

Being a Orc player, I took the opportunity to register an Elven Grand Union(EGC) team, trying to look (and get bashed) from the elves' point of view.

Seems players always maintained that the grass is always greener on the other side, as long as the players get to see it up close and personal, lying prone on the grass.

I got to play off the first match with King Cann, a helpful coach, who taught me how to use the Leap skill for my very first time, thanks buddy !

I drafted my team from teams with names I like, such as Gigolo House (with the Tree , C.T. To help with my defense), Back to Square Juan. I had to trim off Mystaes team, The Elements of Style. Looking back, I should've drafted Chromiun and Vanadium, then I can boast of a quarterfinals team member in my roster.

My MVP is The Tower Reversed, the great, if not the best, player from Tommo's team, The Arcana in the Big O. At AG 4, MA 8, blodge, this catcher scored both my touchdowns.

I'm happy to survive King's team, with a STR 6 black orc, and I trembled in my seat everytime a block is thrown at my boys.

Round 1 ended with the 2 other EGC teams scoring 5-0 against their opponents, with only a draw out of 10 matches played.

Skimming through the matches, my highlights will be :

  1. Team Blue, Green and Very Mean almost pitch clearing Drakkar Old Bay Size Law.

  2. Team Iron Muppet Hero Phobias(IMHP) knocking down Where's Ma Ogre(WMO) down to 4 players at the end of 1st half(by turn 7), with WMO's Li'l Unf(with dodge) dodging into his death at turn 7 not helping much, an attempt by IMHP's TG to pick up the ball at turn 15.

Thanks to Chubstep for helping out with my roster registration, and all others for making this a great League !


I appreciate feedbacks and comments to my discord at Sherlock77#2002.

Thanks !


NB : All observations are purely my own, and hope none of the coaches take offence should I say anything wrong :)

- sherlock77

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