The group stage draw has been completed ahead of the fifth running of the REBBL Chaos Cup this weekend.

Please see below for your placement. Tickets have now been sent out, please accept these ASAP.

Returning teams are considered seeded and are denoted with an R in the Seed column below. Expect player development and injuries on these teams!

If you need a concede loss to clear MNGs, please post in the Chaos Cup Discord server.

Remember to be online at 22:30 UTC for attendance checks

First group matches kick off at 23:00 UTC on Saturday 9th February and you will play all three group games back-to-back. Teams finishing first and second in their group will progress to the Chaos Cup knockouts - if we kick off with fifteen groups then the best third placed team will also qualify. The first-placed finishers will be seeded (alongside the best second-placed team, if required). All other qualifiers will be unseeded for the knockout draw.

All teams not progressing to the Chaos Cup will be entitled to enter the losers bracket a.k.a. the Unfavoured Cup!


  • W-D-L record (points)
  • Best TD Differential
  • Most Casualties Caused
  • Most Skills Taken (since start of tournament, does not include initial levels)
  • Draw Lots

Disclaimer: all groups are provisional and subject to change depending on last minute drop-outs.

Group Applw

Coach Team Race Seed
AussieVikingr Witches of Hazard Dark Elf  
FalconMerc Anagrams Assemble Khemri  
Luis_jano Amazons of the Andes Amazons  
Finz Let Wheel Decide Orc  

Group Bash

Coach Team Race Seed
CHAOSTIME Tiddywinks Champions Chaos R
Atomex Always High Flyin Kislev Circus  
Shadorra Fighting Chaos with Chaos Chaos R
Meperegri Vampires & Randies Vampire  

Group Chet

Coach Team Race Seed
Kaosubaloo [CC] Shippers on Deck Amazons R
--Atl-- The Pinball Players Underworld  
Sir Kodiak Humble River Nurgle  
Gengar Man-thingowar Skaven  

Group Dynamic

Coach Team Race Seed
Stouticus Song of Sire & Vice Vampire R
GoatMasterG Jack of no trades Dark Elf  
Locus Cosecant Dwarves with Added Chaos Dwarf  
Dranar Flying Snake Carnival Bretonnian  

Group Explosion

Coach Team Race Seed
TheTrueBlu MaryJane's Elves High Elf R
Chug Manmilk Griffu Oberwaldu AllStars Human  
majorbyte Wonky Donkey Skaven  
Harringzord Terrycotta Army Ogres  

Group Formation

Coach Team Race Seed
Iron Master Chaos Cup Winners Of Cups Human R
rexlongbone Theoretically Chaos Bretonnian  
Larkstar Wingmen Elven Union  
UnseenWalker CHORFS? Dwarf  

Group Griffu

Coach Team Race Seed
scambammer Coaches Corner Halflings R
ThePimpImp RNG and Me Goblins  
Incesticide Angels of Repentance Human  
keith carr chaos cup mad rats Skaven  

Group Handicap

Coach Team Race Seed
Chubstep_ Soda Poppers Norse R
Randall_Clark Variety Knight Bretonnian  
BigEasyTP HaWAAAGH!iian Entropic Orc  
vikingkop Adventures in Wonderland Halflings  

Group Imhoterry

Coach Team Race Seed
Dasshootenheime Dead Precedents Undead R
Aldar Chaos Synonyms Wood Elf  
Losre Shadowing Wins Games Skaven  
AGrain Professor Chaos n Friends Chaos Dwarf  

Group Juggler

Coach Team Race Seed
Luminous Tea Mobile Wood Elf R
Sardaor The Gummi Bears Chaos  
Aromasin Big Wongs Chinese Takeout Ogres  
mmcnaughton4 Holy Cheesus! Undead  

Group Knowledge

Coach Team Race Seed
Dr_Hepp SkalpTaker VI Amazons R
tself55 Green Lyrium? Underworld  
Vikings Swampland Unicorns Chaos Dwarf  
Captain Bubsy Come On and Slampires Vampire  

Group Lol

Coach Team Race Seed
ERR40 Sand in my Shoes Khemri R
Luke4444 Karag Sky Wings Hammers Dwarf  
Supra728 Adventurer Raiding Party Goblins  
Muppetillo .Almighty Chaos. Norse  

Group Marble

Coach Team Race Seed
Bärserk Chaotic Circus Kislev Circus  
O'kim Dark Skills of Nuffle Dark Elf  
MrChristie Horrors of RNG Necromantic  
A_Velociraptor {CC} Warpstone Huffers Underworld  

Group Name

Coach Team Race Seed
Lavajackal JAV Amazons  
Joppa050 RNG Dwarfs Dwarf  
Fyrs_Yced Chaotically Dreadful Khemri  
Michaels Renegade Angels Lizardmen  

Group Oh Yeah Good Name

Coach Team Race Seed
Toaw Oh god the chest hair Norse  
TheDrNick Born Slippy .NUXX Underworld  
GenericGamer The Gross Group Nurgle  
Reiyu the Frozen Khoraine's Favoured Dark Elf  



Coach Team Race Seed
Bombastuss Weird flex but ok. Chaos  
KPwnd We Will Smash You! Norse  


- Harringzord

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10/10 would dodge Dwarves again - Kaosubaloo

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