The group stage draw has been completed ahead of the fourth running of the REBBL Cripple Cup this weekend.

Please see below for your placement. Tickets have now been sent out, please accept these ASAP.

Returning teams are considered seeded and are denoted with an R in the Seed column below. Expect player development and injuries on these teams!

If you need a concede loss to clear MNGs, please post in the #one-day-tournie-nonsense channel on the REBBL Discord.

First group matches kick off at 08:00 UTC on Saturday 19th January and you will play all three group games back-to-back. Teams finishing first and second in their group will progress to the Cripple Cup knockouts alongside the two best third-placed teams. The fifteen first-placed finishers will be seeded alongside the best second-placed team. All other qualifiers will be unseeded for the knockout draw.

All teams not progressing to the Cripple Cup will be entitled to enter the losers bracket a.k.a. the Niggled Cup!


  • W-D-L record (points)
  • Best TD Differential
  • Most Casualties Caused
  • Least Casualties Suffered
  • Draw Lots

Disclaimer: all groups are provisional and subject to change depending on last minute drop-outs.

Group of Agony

Coach Team Race Seed
Dooof Beautiful Bearded Boys Norse R
The Richest Tea Crippling Ogresight Ogre R
Chug Manmilk The South London Shoguns Bretonnian  
GenericGamer Five Star Restaurant Wars Chaos


Group of Brutality

Coach Team Race Seed
Harringzord Monday Night SORE Dark Elf R
karlosibz Ready your bodybags Elven Union R
Reiyu The Frozen Cursed King Escort Bretonnian  
dzuhh Murdersaurus Rex Lizardmen  

Group of Cripples

Coach Team Race Seed
Randomboy987 Wholesale slaughter Goblins R
Stouticus That's Blood Bowl Norse R
Hoyleyboy Roland Rats Wrecking Crew Underworld  
Toaw Will leap for food. Kislev Circus  

Group of Distress

Coach Team Race Seed
Dr_Hepp BoneBreaker's XXIII Norse R
Steakmittens My Leg! Goblins R
A_Velociraptor Da White Coatz! Orc  
Bungeeman Cpt. Burns' Easy Treezies Wood Elf  

Group of Encumbrance

Coach Team Race Seed
Raneklint Two Dwarfs in a Bikini Norse R
AussieVikingr Legends of Rock Chaos R
Incesticide Gnostic Knights Elven Union  
serj Pushing My Luck Halflings  

Group of Fatality

Coach Team Race Seed
TheDrNick Royal Stirland Artillery Halflings R
JamusMcgamuS Nurses Gone Wrong Amazons R
Devencire Paper Elves Wood Elf  
RumbleBee tbd Undead  

Group of Gore

Coach Team Race Seed
Lavajackal The Trump Presidency Skaven R
ArcticAntarctic Crippled Pestilence Nurgle R
Gengar King Diemond Lizardmen  
DingBurdis BrokeBackBeaters Ogres  

Group of Haemorrhage

Coach Team Race Seed
DasShootenheime Ice Guys Finish Last Norse R
Aldar What happens? Chaos Dwarf R
Pyrite Turtle Sawboneheads Ogres  
WaitHoldMyBeer Delf Lepers Dark Elf  

Group of Impairment

Coach Team Race Seed
Larkstar Big Bully Boys Chaos Dwarf R
Luclazy Fellowship of the Fling Halflings R
Astrolonim Necrotic Nurgle-Wannabes Necromantic  
Andy90 Angelic Angels Dark Elf  

Group of Jsuffering

Coach Team Race Seed
Road Warrior The Karond Kar Corsairs Dark Elf R
Luke4444 1Day World Cup All-Stars Orc R
Michaels Improper Dancing Undead  
xFloydx Los Pateadores de mixcoac Chaos  

Group of Kill

Coach Team Race Seed
BigEasyTP The Purple Helmuts Human R
Havokk Mr. Moo's Zoo Chaos R
Aromasin Gizmo's House of Pain Goblins  
Fyrs Yced They're Dreadful Anyway Khemri  

Group of Laceration

Coach Team Race Seed
vikingkop Cripple Cravers Chaos R
Gerbear This is a huge mistake Vampires R
Randall_Clark No Tournament for Old Men Human  
Popsicle Pain Train Extinction Lizardmen  

Group of Misery

Coach Team Race Seed
Highlord Salt Anemic Orphans Bretonnian R
eFTy Zord Across the Board Norse R
Kaminzimmer Blood Poisoning Effects Nurgle  
O'Kim Knock Wood Wood Elf  

Group of Nightmare

Coach Team Race Seed
Kanukki Pink Nuffly Unicorns Underworld R
ERR40 I Orc to do Something Orc R
Zht Wu?! Those of the Porch High Elf  
GemeneRick Ain't Dutch? Ain't much! Dark Elf  

Group of Owie

Coach Team Race Seed
BachoKolio Howling Cripples Human  
Losre The Lazarus Expedition Bretonnian  
Moralazar Murkmire Malcontents Undead  
MurlocJoe Dad Rockers Human R



Coach Team Race Seed
SliceAndDice Night Prism Saga Dark Elf  
Mudarra Rerollear es de cobardes Wood Elf  
xFloydx Los Pateadores de mixcoac Chaos  
Tommo A Song of Death and Elves High Elf  

- Harringzord

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