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Season 13 Division 1

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Bar Room BlusterersWoodElf171770.34%
Wood Land WarriorsWoodElf156729.66%
Resplendent RomansHighElf160433.00%
Shadowhill CowboysDarkElf172767.00%
The Empire Strikes Back!!Norse150136.66%
Flying Rainbow PoniesHighElf159663.34%
Boo Khaki Seamen SprayNecromantic162652.59%
Lazy Lounge Lizards UTDLizardman160847.41%
Hi Ho off to Work we GO!ChaosDwarf164450.00%
The Nurgtown CroonersNurgle164450.00%
The Ball PinchersWoodElf177056.58%
Never SwappingNecromantic172443.42%
Zoltans ZwordsChaosDwarf154940.48%


Season 13 Division 2

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Filthy, Stinkin' ElvesProElf169762.80%
Warc Machine IIIOrc160637.20%
Damage Incorporated.Nurgle166659.52%
The Nasty NibblersSkaven159940.48%
The Breton BrawlersBretonnia150245.84%
Killing ChorfChaosDwarf153154.16%
Who BatVampire155352.44%
Those Norscan Buggers!Norse139527.43%
Attack on TolkienLizardman156472.57%
Rainbow LeaperssWoodElf155949.28%
Chaos from LaosChaos156450.72%
Masters of the BloodverseVampire154950.14%
Heavy Metal MassacreNecromantic154849.86%


Season 13 Division 3

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Macau Squig RaidersOrc138631.87%
TRust in GobGoblin151746.55%
Archaon's First ChosenChaos154153.45%
Hat EnthusiastsHighElf147855.73%
Horatio's HeroesHalfling143844.27%
Bone Fighter BooOgre130017.45%
The Delf ExperimentDarkElf157082.55%
The Way of the LeafHalfling142556.16%
Papa's Test TicklesNurgle138243.84%
Scintillant SnotballzGoblin150439.37%
Tree FiddiChaosDwarf157960.63%
Clash of ComradesKislev156257.71%
Henson HooligansLizardman150842.29%


Season 13 Division 5A


Season 13 Division 5B

- C_Arnoud

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