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Season 13 Division 1

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
The Nurgtown Crooners7159737.87%
Bar Room Blusterers2168362.13%
Never Swapping6166647.41%
Lazy Lounge Lizards UTD13168452.59%
Flying Rainbow Ponies1162858.69%
Zoltans Zwords10156630.63%
Shadowhill Cowboys5170869.37%
The Ball Pinchers2178078.50%
Wood Land Warriors2155521.50%
Hi Ho off to Work we GO!10162144.84%
Resplendent Romans1165755.16%
Boo Khaki Seamen Spray6158653.73%
The Empire Strikes Back!!22156046.27%


Season 13 Division 2

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
The Breton Brawlers3151231.87%
Damage Incorporated.7164468.13%
The Nasty Nibblers11152743.98%
Masters of the Bloodverse25156956.02%
Heavy Metal Massacre6156970.34%
Those Norscan Buggers!22141929.66%
Attack on Tolkien13158544.84%
Rainbow Leaperss2162155.16%
Chaos from Laos4158963.34%
Who Bat25149324.45%
Filthy, Stinkin' Elves18168975.55%
Warc Machine III9161062.67%
Killing Chorf10152037.33%


Season 13 Division 3

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
TRust in Gob19146454.45%
Macau Squig Raiders9143345.55%
The Delf Experiment5154147.27%
Clash of Comrades14156052.73%
Scintillant Snotballz19144041.03%
Henson Hooligans13150358.97%
The Way of the Leaf24139829.06%
Tree Fiddi10155370.94%
Bone Fighter Boo16132826.41%
Horatio's Heroes24150673.59%
Papa's Test Tickles7144037.06%
Archaon's First Chosen4153262.94%
Hat Enthusiasts1151651.58%


Season 13 Division 5A

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Albion Corsairs18145142.43%
The Provisional Governmen14150048.13%
Fowl Language18151351.87%
Monster_Mash o_o6145345.69%
Blue-tongued Bruisers13148354.31%
The Dark Arcana5156649.42%


Season 13 Division 5B

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
HFIL XI9149248.71%
A Sloppy Gobby19150151.29%
Casters' Curse5150853.02%
Kiss the left14155254.88%
Dead Moon Night6151845.12%
League of Argon8143132.88%
Skavenblight Zephers11144841.31%
[BO]The Rat Pack11150958.69%

- C_Arnoud

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