It turns out last week wasn't so bad, as the last unplayed games were good picks fo REBBL Elo. This week, with 18 games still left to be played, the results have been solid again with a picking record of 57-30-25 (51% overall, 70% of match winners).

Division 4D was the best picking with five correct to just one upset and one draw. The biggest upset of the week went to Jopen_craftbeers, who had a 19% expected result. And the most unpredictable division was 5A, where the algorithm scored a 1-4-2.

Here are the picks for week 10:

GMAN - Division 1

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Da Big Mulligans!Orc122674-50-92 vs Chaos16.51%
TEAM FANTASTICChaos171892-50-74 vs Orc83.49%
Prof Paresthesia's PetsNecromantic143277-34-59 vs Lizardman38.54%
Ready Lizard OneLizardman157459-34-77 vs Necromantic61.46%
[GMAN] Don't mess with usDarkElf121872-38-71 vs Lizardman37.36%
The LizzardblizzardLizardman137571-38-72 vs DarkElf62.64%
Bloodsuckers inc.Vampire15273-4-14 vs Dwarf66.21%
[REBBL] BrutaliaDwarf132314-4-3 vs Vampire33.79%
Slaanesh_SlaughterersChaos149955-13-55 vs Chaos63.24%
Marvellous MutantsChaos133555-13-55 vs Chaos36.76%
Ravens ClawsSkaven141960-31-54 vs Nurgle53.78%
The Iords of The DanceNurgle137354-31-60 vs Skaven46.22%
[G] Absolute DisasterDarkElf145256-16-56 vs DarkElf65.77%
Dark Angels of LilithDarkElf125456-16-56 vs DarkElf34.23%


GMAN - Division 2A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Chosen of Papa NurgleNurgle113335-21-46 vs WoodElf48.21%
Moist OwlettesWoodElf115546-21-35 vs Nurgle51.79%
Bert Space Bounty HuntersBretonnia13454-5-6 vs Kislev41.06%
I hätt a SauspielKislev14556-5-4 vs Bretonnia58.94%
United Scarab KhemiratesKhemri127134-19-32 vs DarkElf57.47%
Chaqua ChangelingsDarkElf118032-19-34 vs Khemri42.53%
Crystal Core ProcesserUnderworld101412-12-37 vs Lizardman35.99%
QuiguanasLizardman118937-12-12 vs Underworld64.01%
Nurgle Murgle OurgleNurgle127072-41-54 vs Orc58.00%
Da Waagh TigerzOrc117254-41-72 vs Nurgle42.00%
RRMafia MumbleratsSkaven145661-26-41 vs HighElf84.37%
Sun-Baked Sea-GuardHighElf94341-26-61 vs Skaven15.63%
Bitten HeroesVampire119115-10-17 vs Orc62.21%
Uruk HaikusOrc104017-10-15 vs Vampire37.79%


GMAN - Division 2B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Orctually RidiculousOrc115244-18-28 vs Bretonnia38.41%
Knights Saying NiBretonnia129628-18-44 vs Orc61.59%
Hell's DoofusesChaos140088-47-84 vs DarkElf71.39%
Jinny's SugardaddiesDarkElf112284-47-88 vs Chaos28.61%
Darkstar Second LinersDarkElf133514-4-2 vs Goblin77.55%
TRust in GobGoblin9582-4-14 vs DarkElf22.45%
Bare GillsKislev12536-4-6 vs Undead61.51%
Shock & GoreUndead11106-4-6 vs Kislev38.49%
Fly Lord ServantsNurgle116157-28-66 vs Lizardman40.61%
Cento MontaditosLizardman127766-28-57 vs Nurgle59.39%
The Imperishable FourKhemri108520-17-24 vs ChaosDwarf39.61%
Smart ModelsChaosDwarf121324-17-20 vs Khemri60.39%
The Voltrex VanguardHighElf132341-26-61 vs Skaven45.70%
The Rat REBBLSkaven137661-26-41 vs HighElf54.30%


GMAN - Division 3A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
High SailsWoodElf92246-21-35 vs Nurgle41.44%
The Dreaded LurgyNurgle102735-21-46 vs WoodElf58.56%
DRADIS Contact!DarkElf124235-18-32 vs Bretonnia51.67%
Goin' le HAMBretonnia122232-18-35 vs DarkElf48.33%
Gorkacidal TendenciesOrc92044-24-43 vs Human54.39%
Howling_HuntersHuman86743-24-44 vs Orc45.61%
Nuffle's Yellow HornsChaos111153-37-69 vs Nurgle52.77%
My favourit thingsNurgle107769-37-53 vs Chaos47.23%
Jungler BeatsAmazon119410-6-17 vs ChaosDwarf53.11%
The GreenhornsChaosDwarf115617-6-10 vs Amazon46.89%


GMAN - Division 3B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Furry HaremSkaven96016-5-4 vs Ogre61.02%
Bone Fighter BooOgre8244-5-16 vs Skaven38.98%
Third GuardiansLizardman106122-12-23 vs Khemri49.42%
Granny's ChosenKhemri106923-12-22 vs Lizardman50.58%
Defence of the AnagramsBretonnia102129-10-26 vs Necromantic68.33%
Very Necromantic NecrosNecromantic78726-10-29 vs Bretonnia31.67%
Iron MaddenChaos113529-12-23 vs Underworld44.05%
KingslayerzsUnderworld120723-12-29 vs Chaos55.95%
Full Throttle RottersNurgle109435-21-46 vs WoodElf47.59%
Sabertooth Vag 3.0WoodElf112346-21-35 vs Nurgle52.41%
Bull to the boneChaosDwarf118842-31-52 vs Chaos55.85%
Whisky GaloreChaos111752-31-42 vs ChaosDwarf44.15%


GMAN - Division 3C

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
The Injurious BasterdsLizardman126730-11-10 vs ProElf68.13%
Mirkwood AthleticProElf103610-11-30 vs Lizardman31.87%
Natural TalentWoodElf123620-10-32 vs Norse73.26%
Nordic NoobletsNorse93032-10-20 vs WoodElf26.74%
The_Toxic_Avengers Nurgle115172-41-54 vs Orc69.00%
Dazzle WhaaagstazOrc90754-41-72 vs Nurgle31.00%
Under - Sartosa BBASkaven114179-35-80 vs DarkElf33.70%
Darkside DreamersDarkElf134680-35-79 vs Skaven66.30%
Blood ==> SandKhemri122712-5-8 vs Bretonnia55.16%
Knight Juggler is backBretonnia11648-5-12 vs Khemri44.84%
Glart DeathGrips Jr.Underworld110023-12-29 vs Chaos50.90%
Clawtimore RamsChaos109029-12-23 vs Underworld49.10%


GMAN - Division 4A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
The Bootleg AllstarsGoblin7893-3-14 vs Skaven44.45%
Rats on a StickSkaven85714-3-3 vs Goblin55.55%
Baltigore RavensDarkElf100461-22-36 vs Human66.46%
Oomies:Electric BoogalooHuman79636-22-61 vs DarkElf33.54%
Altdorf AcrobataKislev127619-9-11 vs Orc59.18%
Kommunity SportOrc116311-9-19 vs Kislev40.82%
ValleKas Ass KickersChaos102214-1-17 vs Amazon48.98%
UmweltschützerinnenAmazon103417-1-14 vs Chaos51.02%
Stuff From My FridgeNurgle116430-12-25 vs Underworld83.27%
Sneaky BlindersUnderworld67625-12-30 vs Nurgle16.73%
Beefheart + his merry menOrc83963-47-64 vs Necromantic24.40%
Tridentum ExsecrataNecromantic118364-47-63 vs Orc75.60%
Tall Dwarfs With No AVNorse7279-8-5 vs ProElf26.48%
The Sit Down BoysProElf10375-8-9 vs Norse73.52%


GMAN - Division 4B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Waleed's WarriorsUnderworld90822-14-27 vs Orc21.77%
OrconudosOrc129727-14-22 vs Underworld78.23%
Dr Flu's MenNurgle104954-31-60 vs Skaven83.00%
Lurning with LearnieSkaven56760-31-54 vs Nurgle17.00%
Ruhr Valley PitmenHuman9664-8-13 vs Amazon53.71%
The DuellistsAmazon92113-8-4 vs Human46.29%
Typical SpanishDarkElf112388-53-95 vs Orc85.15%
Feenix HardznailsOrc59295-53-88 vs DarkElf14.85%
BloodhorseChaosDwarf109442-31-52 vs Chaos32.27%
Toro LocoChaos131952-31-42 vs ChaosDwarf67.73%
Bile Bay GiantsChaosDwarf96055-34-48 vs Necromantic53.05%
Horror All StarsNecromantic92348-34-55 vs ChaosDwarf46.95%
Soul GuysWoodElf94346-20-49 vs DarkElf48.31%
The Khaine ToadsDarkElf96449-20-46 vs WoodElf51.69%


GMAN - Division 4C

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Freyja's GuardNorse114430-19-47 vs DarkElf74.36%
Alfheim ArtistsDarkElf82047-19-30 vs Norse25.64%
Düsseldorf Rhein FireDarkElf107272-38-71 vs Lizardman56.46%
AlligatoradeLizardman99371-38-72 vs DarkElf43.54%
Block you like a hurricanKhemri124033-19-26 vs Necromantic75.87%
Legion of Dead MetalNecromantic89226-19-33 vs Khemri24.13%
Calradian CrusadersNurgle88172-41-54 vs Orc40.84%
G&M's MessagersOrc99354-41-72 vs Nurgle59.16%
Thermonuclear POMBChaosDwarf120040-17-40 vs WoodElf59.77%
Shurgard Elf-Storage. WoodElf108040-17-40 vs ChaosDwarf40.23%
Jopen_craftbeersChaos76492-50-74 vs Orc43.93%
Rorarimbo OrcsOrc83874-50-92 vs Chaos56.07%
Woofbark's MischiefSkaven137361-26-41 vs HighElf85.36%
Deustuko DragonsHighElf83741-26-61 vs Skaven14.64%


GMAN - Division 4D

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
The Tanking GeneralsChaos117065-42-84 vs Necromantic60.28%
The Last CaressNecromantic104384-42-65 vs Chaos39.72%
Teenage Ninja RatsSkaven102121-5-15 vs Kislev52.90%
Bare NecessitiesKislev98515-5-21 vs Skaven47.10%
Nuffle`s Chosen MisfitsGoblin6897-4-8 vs Chaos27.65%
Nurgle Community CollegeChaos9818-4-7 vs Goblin72.35%
The Dark SídheDarkElf106688-53-95 vs Orc55.63%
grinchOrc99795-53-88 vs DarkElf44.37%
Kingfisher KnightsHuman88943-24-44 vs Orc45.62%
Da Happy SunsOrc94344-24-43 vs Human54.38%
Arrogant Bar StewardsHighElf82716-7-13 vs ProElf41.94%
GrimDragster's IVProElf92613-7-16 vs HighElf58.06%
Zmaji SeveraNorse104927-17-37 vs Nurgle79.42%
A Grimm TaleNurgle63837-17-27 vs Norse20.58%


GMAN - Division 4E

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Healed to DeathNurgle111730-12-25 vs Underworld65.59%
Tasty TunesUnderworld92125-12-30 vs Nurgle34.41%
TRBBL TryhardsWoodElf61143-21-45 vs Skaven27.64%
Rat Street BoysSkaven90345-21-43 vs WoodElf72.36%
The Byzantine BashersChaos87065-42-84 vs Necromantic28.54%
Maize of TormentNecromantic114984-42-65 vs Chaos71.46%
Southern WildlingsNorse99627-13-24 vs ChaosDwarf34.02%
Only Foals and HobgoblinsChaosDwarf119824-13-27 vs Norse65.98%
Backhand Bashing BoomersHuman11075-5-12 vs Kislev57.62%
Chicago BolshoitKislev101312-5-5 vs Human42.38%
Saucy PigsOrc94295-53-88 vs DarkElf55.97%
Rolling RenegadesDarkElf86988-53-95 vs Orc44.03%
RBBLs SupremacyHighElf106429-12-42 vs Dwarf51.18%
Tyrion's Trial By CombatDwarf105042-12-29 vs HighElf48.82%


GMAN - Division 4F

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
BreakNec RampageNecromantic105255-15-26 vs Human79.72%
Sigmar Blood Knights RbblHuman63626-15-55 vs Necromantic20.28%
Bloody Bullies of BarriaVampire7677-2-9 vs Underworld49.36%
The Candymine FactionUnderworld7759-2-7 vs Vampire50.64%
Bad Dorfs RedditDwarf74627-25-28 vs WoodElf31.10%
Atheist Alliance UnitedWoodElf98828-25-27 vs Dwarf68.90%
Exploding SkullsChaosDwarf111158-35-37 vs Orc67.71%
Da Orc'BoyzOrc88637-35-58 vs ChaosDwarf32.29%
Not for the Cat#1Skaven112983-38-80 vs Orc67.90%
Ram Jam on HaywireOrc90180-38-83 vs Skaven32.10%
Maybe a season?HighElf109057-29-47 vs DarkElf61.46%
Born In The 80sDarkElf94847-29-57 vs HighElf38.54%


GMAN - Division 5A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
FullMetal's AlkhemristsKhemri85424-13-15 vs WoodElf44.44%
Amazing StrippersWoodElf92215-13-24 vs Khemri55.56%
[REBBL]Delicacies of DoomProElf77120-17-15 vs Nurgle34.31%
Fecal Fantasy VIINurgle96915-17-20 vs ProElf65.69%
Serpents of InnoruukDarkElf116518-8-15 vs Amazon50.17%
Rockomotive GitcrushersAmazon116315-8-18 vs DarkElf49.83%
Revenge Of The RattatasSkaven109622-12-21 vs Khemri51.91%
FullMetal AlkhemristKhemri107221-12-22 vs Skaven48.09%
Dorflectric MayhemDwarf84528-28-49 vs Necromantic37.52%
DeadpolsNecromantic100049-28-28 vs Dwarf62.48%
Witches Be Trippin'DarkElf89584-47-88 vs Chaos47.19%
The Blessed OnesChaos92988-47-84 vs DarkElf52.81%
Hat TricksChaosDwarf117720-10-8 vs Kislev52.87%
The KleaptocratsKislev11428-10-20 vs ChaosDwarf47.13%


GMAN - Division 5B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Cookpot CanniballsHalfling8444-5-11 vs Orc33.07%
Da Orkz On TourOrc105811-5-4 vs Halfling66.93%
Porc squadOrc112460-39-60 vs HighElf63.03%
2+ Supreme LeadersHighElf96260-39-60 vs Orc36.97%
17 Weeks of SufferingNorse110627-13-24 vs ChaosDwarf62.45%
One thick coatChaosDwarf95124-13-27 vs Norse37.55%
The Tunnel SneaksSkaven103439-24-52 vs Dwarf41.94%
Tungsten TitansDwarf113352-24-39 vs Skaven58.06%
Darkest DelfsDarkElf109721-16-15 vs Vampire55.27%
Blood & Tears.Vampire103315-16-21 vs DarkElf44.73%
Fruit of the TombUndead8846-4-6 vs Kislev38.88%
The Bridgeburners!Kislev10216-4-6 vs Undead61.12%
Hexoatl BravesLizardman96063-44-76 vs Skaven63.47%
Gas Town Gangers Skaven79276-44-63 vs Lizardman36.53%


GMAN - Division 5C

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
LOS PAYASOS DE LA TELEKislev70019-9-11 vs Orc37.47%
Zuggogh Wild BoarzOrc85611-9-19 vs Kislev62.53%
R'lyeh DreamersChaos100065-42-84 vs Necromantic50.14%
our dog fridayNecromantic99884-42-65 vs Chaos49.86%
The Warped PoneysUnderworld74526-16-38 vs DarkElf23.72%
Bloody Dark Spiky MaimersDarkElf110038-16-26 vs Underworld76.28%
Cracking'n WreckingOrc129944-18-28 vs Bretonnia63.68%
Grail Knights CavalryBretonnia112828-18-44 vs Orc36.32%
Norfsca FCNorse106651-25-37 vs Chaos58.75%
ChaosicaChaos95837-25-51 vs Norse41.25%
REBBL VaporwelvesProElf98417-9-33 vs DarkElf44.68%
TraumameistridDarkElf104933-9-17 vs ProElf55.32%
Face PlantersHighElf99341-26-61 vs Skaven30.38%
Die Wilde 13Skaven124561-26-41 vs HighElf69.62%


GMAN - Division 5D

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
ZarratSkaven91079-35-80 vs DarkElf36.92%
Bloody SinfulDarkElf107280-35-79 vs Skaven63.08%
New Yorc PilandersOrc127533-27-41 vs Undead76.70%
[R] InmemoriumUndead91341-27-33 vs Orc23.30%
Winged AdversariesHighElf99241-26-61 vs Skaven48.49%
Major AnnoyanceSkaven101161-26-41 vs HighElf51.51%
Don Bluth's BedlamsLizardman85558-24-36 vs Human42.11%
Broadbay BullsHuman95236-24-58 vs Lizardman57.89%
Ascii Rats&GobsUnderworld10089-4-16 vs Bretonnia65.61%
Victorian VictoryBretonnia81216-4-9 vs Underworld34.39%
Kislev SyndromeKislev98013-6-18 vs Necromantic44.07%
BarkengardNecromantic105218-6-13 vs Kislev55.93%
The Mining Machine ReturnChaosDwarf116415-11-12 vs ProElf61.94%
The Elf-BombProElf101512-11-15 vs ChaosDwarf38.06%


GMAN - Division 5E

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Ricardo and The BoysDarkElf101433-9-17 vs ProElf46.98%
Prelfs on the ShelfProElf105017-9-33 vs DarkElf53.02%
Haley's Traveling CircusKislev88812-2-13 vs HighElf33.01%
XVI. Legion Luna WolvesHighElf110313-2-12 vs Kislev66.99%
Scions of OakHeartWoodElf89510-0-2 vs Ogre38.58%
REBBL OgreOgre10362-0-10 vs WoodElf61.42%
The Crying HoundsHuman9265-2-2 vs Goblin68.50%
Da Gob SquadGoblin6892-2-5 vs Human31.50%
Chorf RageChaosDwarf102529-10-29 vs ChaosDwarf43.77%
Urwendorian Random MinersChaosDwarf110129-10-29 vs ChaosDwarf56.23%
Agazapados tras las ramasWoodElf97932-16-45 vs HighElf37.71%
'Elfy IndividualsHighElf113245-16-32 vs WoodElf62.29%
Higher then the grinderHighElf116217-7-18 vs Khemri63.09%
The Toot UncommonsKhemri99918-7-17 vs HighElf36.91%


GMAN - Division 5F

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
River Ruin RaftersChaosDwarf95847-42-62 vs Nurgle51.26%
Made in ChernobylNurgle94262-42-47 vs ChaosDwarf48.74%
Chaotic BangersChaosDwarf106942-31-52 vs Chaos62.52%
Chaos Black NightmaresChaos91452-31-42 vs ChaosDwarf37.48%
We are ZonsAmazon112617-12-11 vs Orc50.10%
Green LegionOrc112511-12-17 vs Amazon49.90%
Supremacist RunnersProElf115017-9-33 vs DarkElf70.84%
Rebbl Pain CovenDarkElf88033-9-17 vs ProElf29.16%
New Romantic XINecromantic88375-41-49 vs Skaven40.24%
Disturbingly RatlikeSkaven100449-41-75 vs Necromantic59.76%
Kingdom Come DeliveranceHuman10964-8-13 vs Amazon57.19%
Women's BB Office TeamAmazon100813-8-4 vs Human42.81%
Dull Fangs IIVampire92812-4-9 vs HighElf50.92%
Rebbl ElfariHighElf9169-4-12 vs Vampire49.08%


GMAN - Division 5G

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
1066 and all thatProElf91727-8-20 vs Necromantic30.44%
Scarlet CharlatansNecromantic116820-8-27 vs ProElf69.56%
Jund Reanimate Undead99923-22-37 vs Necromantic51.01%
En Passant!Necromantic98637-22-23 vs Undead48.99%
The ExposablesOgre8295-4-11 vs Orc30.19%
Orcanized KrimeOrc108411-4-5 vs Ogre69.81%
Glorious Misery REBBLNurgle116724-8-9 vs Amazon57.08%
Proud WomenAmazon10819-8-24 vs Nurgle42.92%
Blodge FourProElf10009-2-2 vs Vampire63.04%
Tampa Bay SuckaneersVampire8382-2-9 vs ProElf36.96%
Land of Make BelieveHuman74136-24-58 vs Lizardman16.54%
The Tiger LizardsLizardman123358-24-36 vs Human83.46%
FABBLous 2Lizardman105850-19-53 vs WoodElf60.08%
Grass Sneaky DodgersWoodElf93453-19-50 vs Lizardman39.92%

- C_Arnoud

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