Full disclosure (same as the one made for REL): the Swiss games forced a last minute change to try to cope with games with an unexpected format and predictions for such divisions might be useless. Taking a quick glance at some ratings, I've seen weird variations and I'm now wondering if there is something else different. If you are reading this and know of such a case, please send me a Discord message or Reddit comment so that I try to track it. Unfortunately, I'll probably not have time to look into it properly until the season ends.

Amidst all the craziness, REBBL Elo seems to have score another solid week of predictions with a 57-28-30 record. That amounts to 50% overall picks and 66% of match winners. Here are (hopefully) your predictions for next week:

GMAN - Division 1

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
[GMAN] Don't mess with usDarkElf115585-47-88 vs Chaos42.24%
Marvellous MutantsChaos125088-47-85 vs DarkElf57.76%
The Iords of The DanceNurgle135771-37-53 vs Chaos31.74%
Slaanesh_SlaughterersChaos159053-37-71 vs Nurgle68.26%
TEAM FANTASTICChaos175916-10-15 vs Vampire70.71%
Bloodsuckers inc.Vampire149215-10-16 vs Chaos29.29%
Ready Lizard OneLizardman153983-39-64 vs Orc76.65%
Da Big Mulligans!Orc117864-39-83 vs Lizardman23.35%
Dark Angels of LilithDarkElf127783-35-81 vs Skaven36.63%
Ravens ClawsSkaven144381-35-83 vs DarkElf63.37%
The LizzardblizzardLizardman130660-35-78 vs Necromantic36.65%
Prof Paresthesia's PetsNecromantic147278-35-60 vs Lizardman63.35%
[REBBL] BrutaliaDwarf136054-18-38 vs DarkElf34.99%
[G] Absolute DisasterDarkElf154938-18-54 vs Dwarf65.01%


GMAN - Division 2A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Sun-Baked Sea-GuardHighElf100862-40-62 vs Orc35.61%
Da Waagh TigerzOrc118962-40-62 vs HighElf64.39%
Chaqua ChangelingsDarkElf109157-42-84 vs Nurgle35.22%
Nurgle Murgle OurgleNurgle127684-42-57 vs DarkElf64.78%
I hätt a SauspielKislev14737-1-4 vs Vampire73.66%
Bitten HeroesVampire11604-1-7 vs Kislev26.34%
Crystal Core ProcesserUnderworld94922-15-27 vs Orc39.36%
Uruk HaikusOrc108027-15-22 vs Underworld60.64%
Moist OwlettesWoodElf117343-21-47 vs Skaven29.27%
RRMafia MumbleratsSkaven144147-21-43 vs WoodElf70.73%
QuiguanasLizardman126823-12-23 vs Khemri47.21%
United Scarab KhemiratesKhemri130223-12-23 vs Lizardman52.79%
Chosen of Papa NurgleNurgle102326-14-27 vs Bretonnia23.56%
Bert Space Bounty HuntersBretonnia138127-14-26 vs Nurgle76.44%


GMAN - Division 2B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Orctually RidiculousOrc116862-40-62 vs HighElf46.11%
The Voltrex VanguardHighElf121662-40-62 vs Orc53.89%
The Rat REBBLSkaven140136-21-25 vs Undead74.82%
Shock & GoreUndead106925-21-36 vs Skaven25.18%
Cento MontaditosLizardman130216-4-11 vs Kislev59.22%
Bare GillsKislev118911-4-16 vs Lizardman40.78%
TRust in GobGoblin9131-1-6 vs Bretonnia19.37%
Knights Saying NiBretonnia13466-1-1 vs Goblin80.63%
Darkstar Second LinersDarkElf138832-20-36 vs Khemri69.35%
The Imperishable FourKhemri114036-20-32 vs DarkElf30.65%
Fly Lord ServantsNurgle117871-37-53 vs Chaos33.11%
Hell's DoofusesChaos139253-37-71 vs Nurgle66.89%
Smart ModelsChaosDwarf116961-52-40 vs DarkElf48.45%
Jinny's SugardaddiesDarkElf118840-52-61 vs ChaosDwarf51.55%


GMAN - Division 3A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Gorkacidal TendenciesOrc98146-33-54 vs WoodElf59.23%
High SailsWoodElf86754-33-46 vs Orc40.77%
Nuffle's Yellow HornsChaos102088-47-85 vs DarkElf32.38%
DRADIS Contact!DarkElf124485-47-88 vs Chaos67.62%
The GreenhornsChaosDwarf115824-8-13 vs Bretonnia41.59%
Goin' le HAMBretonnia126113-8-24 vs ChaosDwarf58.41%
Jungler BeatsAmazon113315-9-7 vs HighElf57.50%
Nomentano AthleticsHighElf10417-9-15 vs Amazon42.50%
Howling_HuntersHuman93822-8-32 vs Undead29.97%
Teufelheim TacklersUndead119632-8-22 vs Human70.03%
My favourit thingsNurgle111542-21-42 vs Nurgle52.04%
The Dreaded LurgyNurgle109142-21-42 vs Nurgle47.96%


GMAN - Division 3B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Third GuardiansLizardman102038-12-12 vs Underworld34.97%
KingslayerzsUnderworld120812-12-38 vs Lizardman65.03%
Bull to the boneChaosDwarf128316-3-8 vs Ogre82.62%
Bone Fighter BooOgre8098-3-16 vs ChaosDwarf17.38%
Defence of the AnagramsBretonnia105021-23-39 vs Chaos43.34%
Iron MaddenChaos113139-23-21 vs Bretonnia56.66%
Ruining Everbodys FunChaosDwarf101041-17-41 vs WoodElf40.32%
Sabertooth Vag 3.0WoodElf113041-17-41 vs ChaosDwarf59.68%
Full Throttle RottersNurgle108555-31-61 vs Skaven50.14%
Furry HaremSkaven108461-31-55 vs Nurgle49.86%
Whisky GaloreChaos111468-43-85 vs Necromantic78.22%
Very Necromantic NecrosNecromantic72685-43-68 vs Chaos21.78%


GMAN - Division 3C

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Under - Sartosa BBASkaven117023-12-21 vs Khemri45.51%
Blood ==> SandKhemri122521-12-23 vs Skaven54.49%
Knight Juggler is backBretonnia120316-4-9 vs Underworld53.36%
Glart DeathGrips Jr.Underworld11629-4-16 vs Bretonnia46.64%
Nordic NoobletsNorse105825-19-49 vs Lizardman30.09%
The Injurious BasterdsLizardman131549-19-25 vs Norse69.91%
Mirkwood AthleticProElf95814-7-16 vs HighElf38.20%
Kopi LuwakHighElf110416-7-14 vs ProElf61.80%
Clawtimore RamsChaos98453-37-71 vs Nurgle42.58%
The_Toxic_Avengers Nurgle107571-37-53 vs Chaos57.42%
Dazzle WhaaagstazOrc89546-33-54 vs WoodElf32.09%
Natural TalentWoodElf112354-33-46 vs Orc67.91%


GMAN - Division 4A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Tridentum ExsecrataNecromantic109565-47-64 vs Orc40.49%
Kommunity SportOrc121364-47-65 vs Necromantic59.51%
Rats on a StickSkaven83646-24-35 vs Human58.54%
Oomies:Electric BoogalooHuman73135-24-46 vs Skaven41.46%
Tall Dwarfs With No AVNorse65052-25-37 vs Chaos24.85%
ValleKas Ass KickersChaos98637-25-52 vs Norse75.15%
The Sit Down BoysProElf10489-3-2 vs Goblin64.79%
The Bootleg AllstarsGoblin8622-3-9 vs ProElf35.21%
Sneaky BlindersUnderworld6746-5-12 vs Amazon18.95%
UmweltschützerinnenAmazon111612-5-6 vs Underworld81.05%
Beefheart + his merry menOrc93797-53-90 vs DarkElf43.33%
Baltigore RavensDarkElf101990-53-97 vs Orc56.67%
Stuff From My FridgeNurgle117120-5-8 vs Kislev45.26%
Altdorf AcrobataKislev12298-5-20 vs Nurgle54.74%


GMAN - Division 4B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Feenix HardznailsOrc61355-44-72 vs Nurgle16.54%
Dr Flu's MenNurgle110572-44-55 vs Orc83.46%
Waleed's WarriorsUnderworld95714-8-16 vs WoodElf43.38%
Soul GuysWoodElf103816-8-14 vs Underworld56.62%
The DuellistsAmazon88715-9-19 vs DarkElf50.87%
The Khaine ToadsDarkElf87719-9-15 vs Amazon49.13%
Ruhr Valley PitmenHuman99223-17-39 vs ChaosDwarf37.23%
BloodhorseChaosDwarf115139-17-23 vs Human62.77%
Typical SpanishDarkElf112440-52-61 vs ChaosDwarf67.06%
Bile Bay GiantsChaosDwarf90861-52-40 vs DarkElf32.94%
Lurning with LearnieSkaven48574-33-76 vs Chaos6.97%
Toro LocoChaos127376-33-74 vs Skaven93.03%
OrconudosOrc128064-47-65 vs Necromantic75.57%
Horror All StarsNecromantic93665-47-64 vs Orc24.43%


GMAN - Division 4C

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
AlligatoradeLizardman87688-26-59 vs Chaos48.38%
Jopen_craftbeersChaos89659-26-88 vs Lizardman51.62%
Deustuko DragonsHighElf92858-29-47 vs DarkElf62.39%
Alfheim ArtistsDarkElf77447-29-58 vs HighElf37.61%
G&M's MessagersOrc95046-33-54 vs WoodElf40.37%
Shurgard Elf-Storage. WoodElf106854-33-46 vs Orc59.63%
Rorarimbo OrcsOrc81064-47-65 vs Necromantic46.48%
Legion of Dead MetalNecromantic85365-47-64 vs Orc53.52%
Düsseldorf Rhein FireDarkElf111649-19-31 vs Norse47.45%
Freyja's GuardNorse114731-19-49 vs DarkElf52.55%
Woofbark's MischiefSkaven135642-24-57 vs ChaosDwarf64.92%
Thermonuclear POMBChaosDwarf116957-24-42 vs Skaven35.08%
Calradian CrusadersNurgle90126-17-31 vs Khemri22.23%
Block you like a hurricanKhemri128231-17-26 vs Nurgle77.77%


GMAN - Division 4D

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Nurgle Community CollegeChaos99776-33-74 vs Skaven55.21%
Teenage Ninja RatsSkaven93474-33-76 vs Chaos44.79%
grinchOrc110045-25-43 vs Human74.52%
Kingfisher KnightsHuman77443-25-45 vs Orc25.48%
Bare NecessitiesKislev107110-5-10 vs Norse53.34%
Zmaji SeveraNorse103010-5-10 vs Kislev46.66%
A Grimm TaleNurgle58951-27-42 vs HighElf31.64%
Arrogant Bar StewardsHighElf82342-27-51 vs Nurgle68.36%
The Last CaressNecromantic102978-38-55 vs DarkElf51.82%
The Dark SídheDarkElf100755-38-78 vs Necromantic48.18%
Nuffle`s Chosen MisfitsGoblin6247-4-9 vs Chaos12.71%
The Tanking GeneralsChaos12109-4-7 vs Goblin87.29%
GrimDragster's IVProElf99721-13-24 vs Orc46.56%
Da Happy SunsOrc103924-13-21 vs ProElf53.44%


GMAN - Division 4E

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
TRBBL TryhardsWoodElf55032-17-45 vs HighElf18.39%
RBBLs SupremacyHighElf100345-17-32 vs WoodElf81.61%
The Byzantine BashersChaos95553-37-71 vs Nurgle36.77%
Healed to DeathNurgle112071-37-53 vs Chaos63.23%
Chicago BolshoitKislev91916-5-22 vs Skaven44.75%
Rat Street BoysSkaven98322-5-16 vs Kislev55.25%
Maize of TormentNecromantic103355-16-26 vs Human45.94%
Backhand Bashing BoomersHuman108226-16-55 vs Necromantic54.06%
Only Foals and HobgoblinsChaosDwarf126861-52-40 vs DarkElf77.63%
Rolling RenegadesDarkElf89040-52-61 vs ChaosDwarf22.37%
Tasty TunesUnderworld98222-15-27 vs Orc47.39%
Saucy PigsOrc101427-15-22 vs Underworld52.61%
Tyrion's Trial By CombatDwarf110016-14-29 vs Norse65.03%
Southern WildlingsNorse91229-14-16 vs Dwarf34.97%


GMAN - Division 4F

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
The Candymine FactionUnderworld72024-13-43 vs Necromantic23.48%
BreakNec RampageNecromantic108043-13-24 vs Underworld76.52%
Da Orc'BoyzOrc92382-38-84 vs Skaven27.38%
Not for the Cat#1Skaven121984-38-82 vs Orc72.62%
Born In The 80sDarkElf94121-16-16 vs Vampire63.64%
Bloody Bullies of BarriaVampire77116-16-21 vs DarkElf36.36%
Atheist Alliance UnitedWoodElf97332-17-45 vs HighElf40.49%
Maybe a season?HighElf109045-17-32 vs WoodElf59.51%
Ram Jam on HaywireOrc88245-25-43 vs Human70.55%
Sigmar Blood Knights RbblHuman61643-25-45 vs Orc29.45%
The Bob BrotherhoodNurgle100462-43-47 vs ChaosDwarf45.21%
Exploding SkullsChaosDwarf106247-43-62 vs Nurgle54.79%


GMAN - Division 5A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Amazing StrippersWoodElf97611-2-13 vs Kislev41.18%
The KleaptocratsKislev108513-2-11 vs WoodElf58.82%
Hat TricksChaosDwarf114744-32-52 vs Chaos66.15%
The Blessed OnesChaos94352-32-44 vs ChaosDwarf33.85%
Dorflectric MayhemDwarf7849-9-15 vs Khemri32.03%
FullMetal AlkhemristKhemri101315-9-9 vs Dwarf67.97%
Revenge Of The RattatasSkaven107519-4-21 vs Amazon51.84%
Rockomotive GitcrushersAmazon105221-4-19 vs Skaven48.16%
Serpents of InnoruukDarkElf123357-42-84 vs Nurgle70.81%
Fecal Fantasy VIINurgle96384-42-57 vs DarkElf29.19%
Witches Be Trippin'DarkElf100055-38-78 vs Necromantic46.64%
DeadpolsNecromantic104178-38-55 vs DarkElf53.36%
[REBBL]Delicacies of DoomProElf85610-3-12 vs Khemri51.90%
FullMetal's AlkhemristsKhemri83212-3-10 vs ProElf48.10%


GMAN - Division 5B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Porc squadOrc123911-5-5 vs Halfling78.74%
Cookpot CanniballsHalfling8415-5-11 vs Orc21.26%
Da Orkz On TourOrc101745-22-43 vs Norse40.62%
17 Weeks of SufferingNorse113343-22-45 vs Orc59.38%
2+ Supreme LeadersHighElf97641-28-63 vs Skaven41.50%
The Tunnel SneaksSkaven108063-28-41 vs HighElf58.50%
One thick coatChaosDwarf90161-52-40 vs DarkElf43.08%
Darkest DelfsDarkElf98640-52-61 vs ChaosDwarf56.92%
Tungsten TitansDwarf103816-11-17 vs Undead65.33%
Fruit of the TombUndead84617-11-16 vs Dwarf34.67%
Blood & Tears.Vampire103813-11-18 vs Lizardman50.15%
Hexoatl BravesLizardman103618-11-13 vs Vampire49.85%
The Bridgeburners!Kislev105816-5-22 vs Skaven69.19%
Gas Town Gangers Skaven81222-5-16 vs Kislev30.81%


GMAN - Division 5C

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
R'lyeh DreamersChaos99795-50-74 vs Orc53.97%
Zuggogh Wild BoarzOrc94874-50-95 vs Chaos46.03%
Norfsca FCNorse11069-8-5 vs ProElf62.86%
REBBL VaporwelvesProElf9465-8-9 vs Norse37.14%
Cracking'n WreckingOrc127797-53-90 vs DarkElf67.03%
TraumameistridDarkElf106290-53-97 vs Orc32.97%
Die Wilde 13Skaven122974-33-76 vs Chaos76.24%
ChaosicaChaos87476-33-74 vs Skaven23.76%
Face PlantersHighElf90347-22-41 vs Necromantic34.54%
our dog fridayNecromantic109741-22-47 vs HighElf65.46%
Grail Knights CavalryBretonnia119832-19-36 vs DarkElf60.40%
Bloody Dark Spiky MaimersDarkElf107036-19-32 vs Bretonnia39.60%
The Warped PoneysUnderworld75010-3-15 vs Kislev58.51%
LOS PAYASOS DE LA TELEKislev64515-3-10 vs Underworld41.49%


GMAN - Division 5D

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
ZarratSkaven83038-10-13 vs ProElf31.84%
The Elf-BombProElf106113-10-38 vs Skaven68.16%
Victorian VictoryBretonnia82713-8-24 vs ChaosDwarf28.93%
The Mining Machine ReturnChaosDwarf110124-8-13 vs Bretonnia71.07%
Broadbay BullsHuman93120-9-11 vs Underworld40.52%
Ascii Rats&GobsUnderworld104811-9-20 vs Human59.48%
Major AnnoyanceSkaven104577-44-64 vs Lizardman65.72%
Don Bluth's BedlamsLizardman84864-44-77 vs Skaven34.28%
BarkengardNecromantic105465-47-64 vs Orc29.20%
New Yorc PilandersOrc132364-47-65 vs Necromantic70.80%
Bloody SinfulDarkElf110413-10-20 vs Kislev52.41%
Kislev SyndromeKislev107520-10-13 vs DarkElf47.59%
[R] InmemoriumUndead85222-15-25 vs HighElf40.86%
Winged AdversariesHighElf96425-15-22 vs Undead59.14%


GMAN - Division 5E

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Higher then the grinderHighElf11959-1-2 vs Goblin86.56%
Da Gob SquadGoblin6282-1-9 vs HighElf13.44%
XVI. Legion Luna WolvesHighElf99650-25-53 vs Chaos46.62%
Solar StrikeChaos103753-25-50 vs HighElf53.38%
The Toot UncommonsKhemri106520-18-25 vs ChaosDwarf52.27%
Urwendorian Random MinersChaosDwarf103725-18-20 vs Khemri47.73%
REBBL OgreOgre10324-1-12 vs HighElf47.50%
'Elfy IndividualsHighElf106212-1-4 vs Ogre52.50%
Haley's Traveling CircusKislev96712-5-6 vs Human57.49%
The Crying HoundsHuman8766-5-12 vs Kislev42.51%
Scions of OakHeartWoodElf91513-3-11 vs ProElf42.63%
Prelfs on the ShelfProElf100511-3-13 vs WoodElf57.37%
Agazapados tras las ramasWoodElf105141-17-41 vs ChaosDwarf40.43%
Chorf RageChaosDwarf116941-17-41 vs WoodElf59.57%


GMAN - Division 5F

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Green LegionOrc103655-44-72 vs Nurgle59.72%
Made in ChernobylNurgle91672-44-55 vs Orc40.28%
Rebbl ElfariHighElf9867-9-15 vs Amazon39.31%
We are ZonsAmazon111815-9-7 vs HighElf60.69%
Dull Fangs IIVampire94011-7-24 vs Necromantic41.70%
New Romantic XINecromantic104224-7-11 vs Vampire58.30%
Kingdom Come DeliveranceHuman11189-8-11 vs ProElf42.81%
Supremacist RunnersProElf120611-8-9 vs Human57.19%
Chaos Black NightmaresChaos88688-47-85 vs DarkElf58.29%
Rebbl Pain CovenDarkElf78585-47-88 vs Chaos41.71%
Women's BB Office TeamAmazon87221-4-19 vs Skaven39.05%
Disturbingly RatlikeSkaven100719-4-21 vs Amazon60.95%
Chaotic BangersChaosDwarf109130-10-30 vs ChaosDwarf57.70%
River Ruin RaftersChaosDwarf99630-10-30 vs ChaosDwarf42.30%


GMAN - Division 5G

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
The Tiger LizardsLizardman131737-29-38 vs Undead74.53%
Jund Reanimate Undead99038-29-37 vs Lizardman25.47%
FABBLous 2Lizardman104461-25-36 vs Human76.06%
Land of Make BelieveHuman69336-25-61 vs Lizardman23.94%
1066 and all thatProElf101921-17-15 vs Nurgle40.07%
Glorious Misery REBBLNurgle114215-17-21 vs ProElf59.93%
Tampa Bay SuckaneersVampire86911-7-24 vs Necromantic42.45%
En Passant!Necromantic96124-7-11 vs Vampire57.55%
Proud WomenAmazon103811-4-4 vs ProElf53.72%
Blodge FourProElf9934-4-11 vs Amazon46.28%
Orcanized KrimeOrc110264-47-65 vs Necromantic50.57%
Scarlet CharlatansNecromantic109565-47-64 vs Orc49.43%
Grass Sneaky DodgersWoodElf94910-0-4 vs Ogre56.66%
The ExposablesOgre8674-0-10 vs WoodElf43.34%

- C_Arnoud

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