Season 13 – Division 1

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Darkside Dreamers5114144.70%
[G] Absolute Disaster5117855.30%
Darkstar Second Liners5109855.45%
RRMafia Mumblerats11106044.55%
Prof Paresthesia's Pets6116439.65%
Kommunity Sport9113152.01%
Hell's Doofuses4111747.99%
BreakNec Rampage6105727.55%
The Rat REBBL11120571.05%
My favourit things7105532.12%
The Iords of The Dance7118567.88%


Season 13 – Division 2A

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Ruining Everbodys Fun10108841.45%
Buff Men With Short Legs20114858.55%
Full Throttle Rotters7101044.70%
Whisky Galore4104755.30%
Teufelheim Tacklers17110854.45%
United Scarab Khemirates21107745.55%
Not for the Cat#111111148.71%
Marvellous Mutants4112051.29%
Cento Montaditos13102345.69%
Jungler Beats23105354.31%
Glart DeathGrips Jr.15104946.12%
Knight Juggler is back3107653.88%
Blood ==> Sand21114767.12%
Sabertooth Vag 3.02102332.88%


Season 13 – Division 2B

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Smart Models10109138.82%
Ravens Claws11117061.18%
Goin' le HAM3107432.24%
Woofbark's Mischief11120367.76%
Bare Gills14104547.99%
Moist Owlettes2108735.86%
Bloodsuckers inc.25118864.14%
Nuffle's Yellow Horns4105453.16%
The Imperishable Four21103246.84%
The Tanking Generals4108857.29%
Da Waagh Tigerz9103742.71%
Nurgle Murgle Ourgle7110651.15%
Block you like a hurrican21109848.85%


Season 13 – Division 3A

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Doctors with Grog20106548.71%
Hat Tricks10107451.29%
Freyja's Guard22106145.98%
ValleKas Ass Kickers4108954.02%
Uruk Haikus9103343.84%
Supremacist Runners18107656.16%
Furry Harem1193936.79%
Dr Flu's Men7103363.21%
Maybe a season?1107249.71%
Serpents of Innoruuk5107450.29%
The_Toxic_Avengers 7102751.29%
Altdorf Acrobata14101848.71%
Tridentum Exsecrata6106761.72%
REBBL Ogre1698438.28%


Season 13 – Division 3B

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Grail Knights Cavalry3107756.72%
Thermonuclear POMB10103043.28%
Gorkacidal Tendencies9101749.71%
Da Happy Suns9101950.29%
Zmaji Severa2298044.84%
Third Guardians13101655.16%
The Sit Down Boys18101551.15%
Bitten Heroes25101246.27%
Maize of Torment6103853.73%
Düsseldorf Rhein Fire5106451.73%
Stuff From My Fridge7105248.27%


Season 13 – Division 3C

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Shock & Gore1796650.14%
Dazzle Whaaagstaz996549.86%
Defence of the Anagrams3102760.08%
Nordic Nooblets2295639.92%
Typical Spanish5107358.27%
The Mining Machine Return10101541.73%
Clawtimore Rams499639.37%
The Bob Brotherhood7100131.62%
New Yorc Pilanders9113568.38%
Granny's Chosen2197034.55%
Fly Lord Servants7108165.45%
RBBLs Supremacy1101343.14%
The Tiger Lizards13106156.86%


Season 13 – Division 4A

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
River Ruin Rafters10101448.85%
Tungsten Titans20102251.15%
d'V'nter Devils698244.13%
The Bridgeburners!14102355.87%
Deustuko Dragons192841.03%
Prelfs on the Shelf1899158.97%
Spawn of Leviathan1397058.27%
Horror All Stars691241.73%
Da Orc'Boyz9101861.72%
The Duellists2393538.28%
Bloody Dark Spiky Maimers5106454.88%
Amazing Strippers2103045.12%
Revenge Of The Rattatas11104257.71%
The Blessed Ones498842.29%


Season 13 – Division 4B

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Things you do not want 21102657.15%
Calradian Crusaders797642.85%
Bloody Bullies of Barria2591236.93%
Chicago Bolshoit14100563.07%
Druchii Violets5105352.30%
Disturbingly Ratlike1199251.29%
Chaos Black Nightmares48762.68%
4B - Blodge four8150097.32%
We are Zons23103561.18%
The Bootleg Allstars1995638.82%
1066 and all that18107565.45%
Malekiths Kink596434.55%


Season 13 – Division 4C

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Baltigore Ravens5106462.54%
Blodge Four1897537.46%
Southern Wildlings22105170.82%
Very Necromantic Necros689729.18%
Rats on a Stick1190237.87%
Bad Dorfs Reddit2098862.13%
Face Planters1101256.44%
En Passant!697347.12%
Kingdom Come Deliverance899352.88%
REBBL Vaporwelves1898947.56%
Green Legion9100652.44%
R'lyeh Dreamers497237.87%
Proud Women23105862.13%


Season 13 – Division 4D

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Bareback Elfing5100255.45%
Backslick boys696444.55%
our dog friday6102874.36%
Da Gob Squad1984325.64%
Made in Chernobyl7101350.14%
The Wood Eeez2101249.86%
Tampa Bay Suckaneers2593736.93%
Warriors Of Coney Island4103063.07%
XVI. Legion Luna Wolves1101770.94%
Sigmar Blood Knights Rbbl886229.06%
Haley's Traveling Circus1492950.43%
Bile Bay Giants1092649.57%
Eternal believers4101649.57%
Geurilla Girls23101950.43%


Season 13 – Division 4E

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Ram Jam on Haywire996244.27%
Fecal Fantasy VII7100255.73%
One thick coat1099146.98%
New Romantic XI6101253.02%
Soul Guys299741.45%
Scarlet Charlatans6105758.55%
GrimDragster's IV1898854.02%
The Kleaptocrats1496045.98%
Witches Be Trippin'5101161.72%
Death Night Demons592838.28%
Rolling Renegades591543.84%
Grismerie Grailers395856.16%
Tasty Tunes15103345.69%
2+ Supreme Leaders1106354.31%


Season 13 – Division 4F

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Wighthouse Family1794836.79%
Kislev Syndrome14104263.21%
Beefheart + his merry men996745.84%
Scaven rebbrl1199654.16%
Legion of Dead Metal687623.61%
Chorf Rage10108076.39%
[R] Inmemorium1793641.03%
Dull Fangs II2599958.97%
Gas Town Gangers 1197548.13%
Kingfisher Knights898851.87%
The Khaine Toads598843.42%
The Toot Uncommons21103456.58%
A Grimm Tale789034.16%
FullMetal's Alkhemrists21100465.84%


Season 13 - Division 5A


Season 13 - Division 5B


Season 13 - Division 5C


Season 13 - Division 5D


Season 13 - Division 5E


Season 13 - Division 5F


Season 13 - Division 5G


Season 13 - Division 5H


Season 13 - Division 5I


Season 13 - Division 5J


Season 13 - Division 5K

- C_Arnoud

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